Monday, May 11, 2015


I have recently been offered a job in Sydney. It was one that I worked really hard for and I've spent countless time and energy for the offer to finally take place.

The catch is this, I take a drop in grade and dollar to dollar I'm taking in lesser salary as well. That being said, after doing my calculation, there will be a deficit every month, with the biggest hit from taxes and rental. The relocation fees sounded good (flights for my wife And I, extra month salary, free accommodation for one week and work visa not only for me but for my wife too!) But probably not enough for sustaining a healthy lifestyle or nurturing a married relationship.

Opportunities like this don't come by very often but there were a lot of consideration coming into play, such as quality of life, different expectations in life, pride and prospect.

Many people have given their view and some think that I should go on and make that leap of faith and some actually expressed caution. After all this isn't the most straight forward decision, every little consideration must be taken into account as this is a life changing experience.

If the above setbacks are not concerned, then making the decision would have been easy. If I was single, then this wouldn't be a problem, if I don't have money to pay rent, I could just bunk at a friend's, nothing much, but its much different now than it was then.

I am close to consider this opportunity a pass, But am still going back to negotiate nevertheless. At this point I have got nothing to lose. And perhaps everything to gain, maybe nothing to lose.

Whats most important now is I learned something from this experience. Something about myself and how to reach to making decisions like this. Maybe this could be useful for those who still read my blog :)

1. First and foremost. If it is something you want, usually making a decision isn't so hard. It is when you have your doubts that it is hard to make decisions. If you have doubts and that is stopping you from deciding, then probably it isn't the best for you. If your gut feelings tells you something you better listen to it.

2. Always put down on paper what will the reality be? Always do calculations on whether or not you can survive with what is given and what you can accept. That is the most basic.

3. If you want people's opinion, be open to them. If you only give half details, people will give you misleading opinions. I didn't really share my calculation to those people I seek for advice, turned out everyone wanted me to take on the opportunity and said I was foolish if I didn't

4. Always take what other people say with a pinch of salt. It is in the end your decision, not theirs.

5. Take calculated risks, not any type of risk. When you ask yourself what if this doesn't work out, your answer should almost always be "at least..." and not "at most...." If it is an at most situation then that's probably a good sign of caution. It is always good to know your apetite for risk... You dont go and make an investment just because somebody put it right in front of you.

6. Be flexible, but don't be foolish. Employers dont usually give you exactly what you want, be flexible but not foolish. Know what you can give up on and know what is too much to give up.

7. Understand your expectations and circumstances. You can always let go of things here, but how much do you want to let go? If you are very accessible here, opportunities are here, and you have built something solid here, are you willing to let it all go and start fares?

8. Lastly if you decide to go or stay, be confident that you have only decided for whats best for you. You have done a sensible thing by considering the different factors. Dont let what people may say about you make you feel bad about your decision. At the end of the day it is your life, not theirs.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Kindness mistaken for weakness

I read an article that Shawn posted on Facebook earlier today, not an eye opening one but rather one that reinforces what I inferred to be true.

Read it here:

The title of the article is " the coMpany you work for is not your friend". Despite how many good people you know in your company, unfortunately that title is true. Think about it, what do you work for at the end of the day? You're working for yourself because you have a house to pay for, a car, your wants and needs. So what makes you think that you have friends at the workplace ? Even if it is true now, there may come a time when people change and your friends leave you.
You may very well find out that your comfortable position in the company was the result of a boss who would take the punches and bullets for you. You, at the end of the day is your own best friend at work.

and Despite having friends, how much can they be there for you at work - they have responsibilities and their family to feed. At the end of the day, you are your only friend at work. I help many people at work but simply because i see value in doing it and while some people may not see that in me, thats simply because i may not think there is enough value to do so.

But what is more compelling is that people tend to get so comfortable at work. In my opinion (and supported by the article ) people stop selling themselves after they have a job. Thats a big no no - always be open to the market, make sure you know your experience is demanded or even sell your self within your conpany, you wont get that promotion if you dont ask for it.

The best time to look for a job is when you dont need a job. Why? because then you have options and your not making a decision based on the bad experience you are having at your current work place. Your making a decision objectively and not surrounded by emotions. I remember receiving a job offer when i couldnt wait to leave my previous company only to regret that decision.

Ill say this to my self, and to anyone who cares enough to read that never keep your self distant from the job market... After all, records have shown that people who know they are well wanted in the market performs better at work

Monday, March 02, 2015

price is what you pay and value is what you get

What does being rich mean to you? I remember seeing a quote by Chris rock saying that wealth has nothing to do with having alot of money. It is about having alot of options. before I started chasing a career, I used to aspire to have a lot of money, and then when I started working, I wanted to earn more money than the people around me. alot of times we think that by having more money you earn more respect. But maybe it isn't like that. I could say that after years of meeting new people, older people, smarter people, family people, and all sorts of people, at least I learned something. I don't learn alot directly from anyone, but usually as a result of observation and tryiNg. Being rich has indeed nothing to do with having alot of money. People never have enouth. They keep wanting more. So I learn something here, it's about the options you choose. Its not the amount of money (well it still is to an extent) but what you can forgo in return for something you want more of. If you want an expensive watch then be more prudent on everything else. It's not about buying what you can't afford but understanding what gives you more value In life. If buying a meal for your friends puts a smile on your face then you probably could cut down on luxury meals by yourself. It's not about being stingy, but understand yourself more. I know I could go to a faraway country, so I cut down on things like expensive coffee and cakes. I think that makes me happier. After all they always say a cynic is someone who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Today i had a conversation with a friend about which watch his friend should choose for his wife. It was a choice of a Rolex, a carrier ot an IWC. Obviously my next question was which model of each of those watches were. While I have not have the privelege of owning any of the male variation of those watches, I am able to make a selection based on my closeness on the topic of watches. I dont own many luxury watches but i know watches are a very character based. There are a few types of people who buy watches. those who think they need a device to tell time, there are also those who just wants to be seen, and there are those who tells a story about what they wear on their wrists. And i am proud to say that my obsession for watches fits the third description. The first person probably doesnt know alot about watches and probably have a couple that they deem beautiful and fitting to their fashion. The most common type of people in my opinion are those who wanna be seen. And in this category theres probably two more types of people those who would buy knockoff watches to be seen and another who would buy a real branded watch for the image for which they would be judged upon. The second type is a little more bearable, while the first would think that they could trick an educated person. In this regard, i have read an interesting article which said the only reason u could impress a person wearing counterfeit product because the person probably only knows as much as you do. I think that goes with everything else you do, if you want to impress people of a higher level, you had better have the appropriate level of quality. A watch tells alot about the person wearing it. A Person who knows his watches would be able to tell very interesting stories about his watches whether they are RM100 or RM100k. A man of watches takes the time to read about his watches, understanding its heritage, and blends the character of the watches into his daily life. which brings me back to how i make the selection of the watches for my friend's friend's wife. one question i asked was why did he want to buy the watch for his wife? Was it because she Bought him a watch too or because he just wanted to or because she wanted a watch and knew what she wanted ? If he was a watch person, answering these few questions could easily help him decide his choice of watch for his missus. At least for me - for one my wife isnt a watch person, so finding a watch that makes her look good > value of a watch.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


       They always say do what you like and you’ll never work a single day of your life. As years go by I think this becomes less convincing to me than it was before. I am not saying that there is no truth in this saying at all, but I think it’s just too simple to take this and apply it to your life. For one, I definitely think that doing something that you love is entirely different from making a living out of something you love. I could tell from my experience that I have put the saying to test. I love to draw, and for so many years, I draw what I want to draw and do it well. I get lots of compliments from it but when I start to work on getting paid for drawing, suddenly it wasn’t so interesting anymore. Expectations started building up and you have to do what people want and that defeated the purpose why I loved drawing in the first place. My wife loved making up and she is so good at it too, but she soon found out she loves putting on make up for herself and did not enjoy the process of making up for others.


                Having a passion for something (whether or not for work) has very much to do with how much time you spend on something and how much you are willing to sacrifice for it. Having passion for something doesn’t mean that you have to be very good at something, it could very well be something that you enjoy doing. To like what you make for a living doesn’t always start with something that you like to do, I guess that’s the misconception that everyone has about making a living out of something you love doing. It takes time and effort to love something, let alone a process that is stressful, high pressure, and performance driven. I believe it is not easy to reach a level where you can love something where you make a living out of, but it takes alot of hardwork. That being said, one should not give up so easily when reaching a stumbling block – Afterall, like marriage, it takes alot of time and work to create, grow and nurture the relationship for it to last a lifetime.