Monday, July 24, 2006

Ball Room Dancing

I was asked to be my friend's dance partner last week, so I kept my promise and turn up today for the lesson, and boy, it was damn fun. Something that I would recommend to those who wants to have fun and also as a form of exercise. It is considered a social dance which originated in the western world. Ballroom dancing is extremely famous and its performance and entertainment has been widely used in movies and theathres. I did not know that there would be such fun learning how to dance, eventhough I realized that my legs moved like a pair of chopsticks. The first lesson so far, I was taught the Waltz, and cha cha. The dance are quite challenging and difficult to master albeit the simple steps, maybe due to the fact that we dance in pairs and we have to make sure that the both of us are stepping at the right time. I had a really great time learning how to dance and it has been a truly unforgettable and funny experience. Almost all of us are newbies and yes we just can't stop knocking each other and I can't stop stepping on my partners shoes. Haha. Yes, I'm a terrible dancer and partner. And last but not least, Chia Ling, thanks alot for asking me to be your partner last week because if you didn't I wouldn't have met this thing called ballroom dance. Anyway I'd highly recommend this because its very very enjoyable and its healthy.


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