Monday, July 24, 2006

Health supplements

Health supplement products are now rather popular among urbanites probably due to their busy and hectic lifestyle and they now have "less time" to spend on other healthier things. However its not that I'd want to condemn this products but I'd say some are really not safe to be taken, although the lable says "Essence of Alfalfa" or something like that. Especially those sold thru direct selling. I have no offence against these direct sales exec but he/she wouldn't know what are the true contents of the products that they are selling. My friend who's working for a herbal company is selling a dozen kind of health products ranging from vitamins to weight loss products. Maybe these products work but there are certainly some drawbacks of consuming such products. I myself faced a problem probably due to supplements. Anyway back to the story, people claim that these supplements causes no harm to our health because they are simply vitamins and only contain natural ingredients (fruits, organic stuff) but little do they know that some items used in producing the vitamins may have some natural poisons such as, high uric acid levels in the items (high uric acid level can cause damage to kidneys and also gout). A doctor told me that some direct selling products are banned in much more advanced countries like the US and therefore they are being sold in third world and developing countries. We might not be aware of this but before planning to consume these supplements do seek a doctor and do extensive research on the products that you are eyeing on and don't just listen to what a promoter has to say. He or she may not have the knowledge and might not qualify to sell such products.