Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Friendship forever

It was 31st of July 2006. The Date to remember. Thats because on that very day, a promise had been made by four friends. We were on our way back after a heavy shopping session in Mid Valley, while driving, we were talking about YY's present (Miss Selfridge hand bag) that the 3 of us gave to her. As last minute as we always are, we didn't wrap the bag with anything but instead WL bought a paper bag and just dump the bag into it. We werent expecting that so we AS USUAL insulted him. And what's more, there's a small card attached to the holder of the bag but eventually we didn't write anything on it cos we're just not bothered by it. AS USUAL again. But it was yesterday about 7 that we all talked about our friendship wether we would ever be celebrating birthdays together when we graduate later on after we move on with our Uni live. I have made and will continue to make friends through out my life but friends that stay close to me just don't last. The only friend that I've known since primary 1 till now, we're not that close anymore, we don't really talk that much anymore. I still miss the days back when I learned how to play the gasing from him, but I only got to spin it upside down, or when we do the weekend ritual of visiting each others house and also going to the video game shop that doesn't exist anymore, and also the time when I 'Tiu Gau' him and got bashed up quite badly (I fought him twice and lost but after every fight we became good friends again). I've spent most of my academic life in the same class with him and I fucking know him like a brother and also proved that he's always stronger than me. In different phases of my life I met different friends, friends who taught me the cheat code for Super Contra (haha) Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, A, B, Select, Start (for extra 30 life hahaha!) or the friend who had introduced me to a beautiful thing called Music, the time when my friend got me into a band and learning to play the bass and guitar, man these friends I have are not as close as we used to be. So I'm often contemplating, in my campus life, I've known these few guys who have been thru the ups and downs with me, how long would it last, will the friendship just last as long as the time we graduate and we shall not meet anymore beyond the time or will we still meet and will we be attending each other's wedding ceremony or Master's Degree graduation day.. So I think that this beautiful friendship should last forever, so we made a pact to actually keep the paper bag that we gave to YY and pass it among us (using it as the bag to keep our birthday presents) during our birthdays. some will say that it is a test we're giving each other to see how long our friendship will last. But look at it in another perspective.. it is something that reminds us about this friendship, about what happened among us, and as something very special to us. Even much more special than the present that lies inside it. Priceless.


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