Thursday, September 14, 2006

FOMS BBQ Night Sept 14 2006

MMU Cyberjaya's Faculty of Management had a BBQ night last night in the chiller car park right behind the library. I guess its some annual thing. But it was quite a big event cos lecturers and our dean came to the BBQ as well, and honestly I have not seen the dean attending any of students' events before. Anyway it was all good and our band and another band gave I would say a stellar performances. A big thumbs up to my bandmates, Natalie and her band for putting up a good show for us all :).

Honestly I think the food kinda sucked, as the catered food, fried rice, noodles.. tasted really bland like from some cheapo food stall. We didn't barbeque anything cos we're all just too lazy to burn food heheh. Lenard didn't eat cos he said it would affect his voice. Anyhow we performed for the night so we got free food so we rembat and bantai whatever food albeit the yuckiness of the food.

The weather wasn't really good. It was raining all the way through and mosquitoes are on massacre (there were so many people around and even more bloody damn mosquitoes!) Luckily it was only drizzling and not heavy rain. Everyone seemed busy burning their food (to get their RM7 worth) haha so in the end only a bunch of people (about 20? or less) who came up to support us performers. Thanks to our friends, lecturers (Ms Adeline and Mr Neerjang) who told us they waited to see us perform :).

We played 4 songs, all covers;
-Nine Days - Story of a girl (absolutely)
-Yellowcard - Empty aparment
-The beatles - Don't let me down
-Hinder - Lips on an angel
All of the songs we played unplugged so wei ming became our camera man last night. Thanks to our drummer and percussionist for spending time to take our photos heheh Thanks bro! We were the second band that performed and we were actually really bored cos we waited for about 2 and a half hours before we could perform. Eating just took up about 20 minutes and all the time spent was to sound check, practice in the car park, in the car, looking around, cam whoring until its our turn to perform.

But the performance was quite good and I think we kinda nailed it but towards the end lenard sort of lost his voice but it was all good we had supports from our friends..

I'll post the photos in the next post :)


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