Friday, September 08, 2006

Red Bean Soup (Beta Version)

22nd July 2006 (Old post)
[T]odays [H]ighlight: [I] [S]ucceeded [I]n [S]earching [M]indlessl[y] [F]or [I]ng[R]edient[S] [T]o [T]ry [I]n [M]aking att[E]mpts [D]ealing w/ c[O]oking n[I]ce cooli[N][G] Desser[T]s. T[H]is d[I]sh i[S] calle[D] th[E] Red bean[S] [S]oup. Th[E] Desse[R]t wasn'[T] hard to prepare at all plus it is quite low in calories so it is a perfect dessert served hot or chilled. I have calculated the calories, without sago it may only contain 60kcal but with sago
it would hardly reach 100kcal for a serving. It contains mostly carbs is 0% in fat and cholestrol and it contains a slight portion of protein. I got all the ingredients in Jusco, and all the ingredients are pre packed so you do not have to worry about how much to use its all in the same packages. It is located in the dried food or snacks or spices department of ur local department store. I bought all the ingredients in less than RM10 and it serves about 6-8 people. Here is what I bought

2 packs of red bean (only 1 1/2 half packs are used)
1 pack of sago (only 1/2 or less are used)
1 pack of rock sugar

I used a rice cooker to boil it so I guess you should be able to imagine how big it is. The reason I post this entry up is because I think bachelors really do not have much time to cook or preparing something very complicated so I think this might help in preparing a simple and really nice dessert. I used a rice cooker because just like any other students staying away from family, I do not have a gas stove at home. So I had to resort to using a rice cooker. A rice cooker is really really useful, many things can be done haha.

ok at first, wash and soak the red bean for awhile (up to you how long cos it wouldn't change anything)
also soak the sago until they are softer and bigger.
Next, put boiling water into the rice cooker (turn it to 'cooking') and pour in the red bean
(fill it with boiling water until it is almost full. The reason to use boiling water is because it can shorten the time of cooking, in this case because we're using a rice cooker.)
let it boil for about an hour but do stir and check so that when it is cooked the beans do not get stucked on the base of the cooker. When the beans are quite soft, pour in the sago and sugar (to taste). when sago turns transparent and beans are soft enough and the water becomes quite thick, it is ready to be served.

more food entries later!

As I am a noob but very interested in cooking, i started off with simple recipes la.. haha and I'm only geared with a rice cooker... only.


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