Friday, September 08, 2006


Today is my unluckiest day of 2006... why does it always rain on me? is it because I lied when I was 17? Or is it because I skipped class? because I blame god for my damn luck? haih... Anyway I'm gonna blame air asia this time. In my wishlist, my no.1 wish is to go for a back pack trip and it is already going smoothly already, but something just had to get in the way! The ticket that I bought from Hanoi back to KL costed me about RM200 and today, I have to repurchase the damn ticket! fuck! RM200+RM200=RM400. Haih that's what happened when the terms and conditions are not stated obviously on the website. It was an unnecassary mistake. Oh dear, luck just had to play tricks on me! Luckily I have friends who would go to great lengths to help me.. Credits go to Homa, Victor, Ah Yang, Yue Yun, Ah Liang, Nic, Justyne, Ezra, and all the yous who know who you are!.... Thanks!

BUT THIS TIME DAMN GG!! if only can RR!


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