Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I wish I could go back to the 90's when I was a kid without a worry in the world...

...Listening to Oasis. Reflecting on my current life, things may not be the way that I want to, but somehow these challenges make me realize a few things, a few important things.


Sometimes, we just forget about the important things in life... we take things for granted. And when we grow up, we tend to do it more - ignoring the things which we cherished more when we were younger, living our dreams just aren't so important anymore than earning money.

well, i guess that's the ugly truth.

Boys will be boys, and I'm not willing to let go of the things that still within my grasp, so before I forget, albeit the late entry, I'm going to list down my priorities (resolutions) for 2011. Why, you may ask.

I was just looking at my previous blog entry on my 2010 resolutions and realize now how much I wanted to be a news presenter but never really tried it out. In fact, if I could recall, it was since 2nd year in university! Over the years, this idea got diluted with so many other factors, that I did not realize it. Since this was in the list, this WILL be in the list again, until I finally achieve it. Even if I don't, at least I knew I tried :) I'm not telling you guys to be safe / pessimistic, but don't count the chickens before the eggs hatch.

So here it goes...

1) News presenter... its still a dream until it is realized... (Attempting: Feb 2011)
2) Family trip somewhere... Year end maybe (Dec 2011)
3) buddy trip somewhere... I missed 2010
4) Paint a picture with Carmen (2011)
5) Take up a fitness certification (Q4 2011)
6) Go on advance in every WOD or 2 WODs a day

Good luck to me! It's not a lot but at least its something!

2 big things in my life and I'm still not feeling right, it definitely ain't the right thing! But one thing's for sure, behind every successful man, there is a woman who supports him.


I watched this movie together with carmen and the guys, called Khurafat. At first, I thought there was only love, until I watched this movie. For the record, this is the second Malay movie I watch in the theatre, what a shame!

I Digress.

Anyway, the movie production was quite good, the premise was good, acting was believable, maybe just lacking in shock factor (the scary parts towards the end are alittle repetitive). It is about a voodoo spell that the main actor casts on the girl he likes, which imposes an eternal love for him. However, the spell was casted from the spirit of a dead person and there is no way of breaking it, any attempt to or going against you wish will only lead to one conclusion - death.

So it goes, that the girl will love him till death do them part. But as in usual plots, the guy loses interest and over a series of fright scenes in weird places, death prevails.

Now why do I like the show and find it interesting? Most of the time, probably we don't realize it, but if something relates to us well, we will like it. Why do we like The Expendables? or A-Team for that matter, because guys like us can relate to it, we want to be heroes and we want to look cool like them. For instance, Mission Impossible, since then, everyone wants them Oakleys or whatever brand that was.

How does khurafat relate to me? And I repeat my first point: I thought there was only love, but as far as this movie goes, I have probably been "khurafated" by my girlfriend, cos day in day out, I only think of her la, go to work, think of her, after gym, think of her, tidor, bangun don't want to kerja, think of her!

What do I do!?

Anyone who's got Monday Blues I hope you've had a little laugh with my little personal joke here, and of course the movie review.


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