Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The greatest invention in the world

The world's greatest invention stated in the MSN encarta is the mechanical clock followed by the toilet. But, to me the greatest invention in the world is the urinal. Nobody in the world knows who created the urinal.. this invention is definitely understated. To me a urinal is a much greater invention compared to the computer. WHY? you ask? because the urinal is simple and does not need upgrades but the computer needs, you'll have fantastic designs and colours for a cheap price and it is not hard to operate unlike the computer... Most of all... a computer is not fool proof but a urinal is... a computer may be infected by viruses and never recover, you need to update the softwares you need to fix a gazillion cables, you'll need this and that.. but a urinal.. is definitely a masterpiece. It is truly an avant garde invention by a truly fantastic and brilliant and immaculate person just like vincent van gogh. But sad enough these people are often not given the homage they really should have had. You see, the biggest problem a guy can face is to not shoot straight and just fire like a shot gun.. and as a result you'll get insulted and consulted (tiu gao) by your parents for make the toilet a filthy place. no matter how hard a guy tries, WE can never be a marksman in the refuse area. Then a man came and saved our lives.

Look at this picture.. isnt it a masterpiece? It is the most beautiful thing in the world today! Something that only the likes of van gogh and da vince would have thought of.. it is truly the most impeccable artwork in the world..
Just look at it,.. a hibiscus urinal.. a urinal made up of our national flower the bunga raya.
As men we must always admire these artwork and I guess every guy will agree with me that the urinal is indeed superior to the personal computer.

Now I'm not trying to boycott the computer but I'm saying that there is something much more of a masterpiece than it. I do worship the computer.. I use it everyday look at it like as though its my wife (means that I look like I'm looking at it but I'm actually focusing on smth in the monitor instead of looking just at the monitor) I talk to it, I listen to it, I touch it.. but sometimes I just feel a urinal is the man's best friend (not the dog or the computer they are both stupid and are merely manipulated by human beings).

this is what you can do with your monitor if you have an extra one that is already useless.
(for heavy smokers only). This is to portray how other much more useful uses can be created using parts of the pc
This is what happens when you play too much games. You'll fucking burn and melt your fucking pc FUCKHEADS! This is to show how dangerous a computer can be to a human being.

This is how difficult it is to operate or fix a pc. (you might also interpret it in another way: people are sometimes tooo fucking stupid to even think!).

I do not have to explain much about this. this is what you get for staring too long at the comp. you'll be hypnotized! (become the slave to the computer for a few minutes or hours).

Here are some really good designs of the greatest invention (the urinal)!
It might look terrifying but it is a fabulous and beatiful invention!

The pink ORCHID!!


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