Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wish list 2006/07

Here's my wishlist

1. Enough money to go for a trip to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia (circa RM900-RM1000)
2. A new pair of jeans. All my jeans now fucking loose d. (RM179-RM193)
3. Buckled Belt from either Topman (RM79 or RM99) or from Levi's (RM139 or RM149)
4. A pair of suit(with or without a coat will be fine, but then it wouldnt be called a suit?) (c RM500)
5. A DSLR camera (any brand will do, the cheapest one will do) (Minimum RM3000)
6. An Electric guitar, Epiphone? Schecter? Acrylic? (RM500-RM1500)
7. Tank tops (RM16-RM20+)
8. A present for my sister's bday (I dono what to get her)
9. A new handphone (circa RM600-RM1000)(perhaps..I'm always too stingy for a good hp)
10. A 512mb Ram for my poor computer.

Although from my wishlist it seems like I want everything expensive and I looked like a rich guy.. please be informed that I live a frugal lifestyle and that I am saving my ass up for money I could use up to fulfill my 1st wish. FYI I am given an allowance of RM400 a month but I am trying really hard to save every penny so that I'll have enough by the end of October..


Blogger *永亮* said...

Oh man, you need a santa clause to grant all your wishes!

but guess what, you can become ur santa clause.

Let's go seek for part time! :D

9:12 AM  

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