Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Here a new stupid question

You Must Choose (comment)
What would you do to a flying insect? In order to torture it or simply because it keeps flying around you and you just can't stand it even to the extent of using a tweazer and magnifier because the insect is too small

A. Would you cut off the wings (slowly and carefully so you don't kill it off so soon) off the insect so it cannot fly and it could only crawl and die of boredom.


B. Would you pull of the legs of the insect (one by one carefully) so it can't land anymore and in the end die of exhaustion because its only choice is to fly or die.


Blogger Radicalz said...

i would choose A. :D coz eventhough u pull the legs off, the fello still can fly around to annoy u.. better kill the cause den to put of the symptoms :P

8:29 PM  

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