Friday, February 20, 2009

Last night I had a dream about you, and in this dream I'm dancing right beside you

The thing is, my company has always had overseas annual trip/dinner, but due to the economic condition, we have decided that we should do it within the country. The only problem is, I don't understand why it has to be in Melaka. My home town. The place I least want to be for an annual trip. The previous 2 years, they traveled to Phuket. Last year, they went to Bangkok. And this year. Melaka! I thought to myself; "from an international flight downgraded to express bus". I wouldn't even mind flying on air asia or jetstar or anything for that matter!

Ok, enough with complaining. The trip was good actually. And in fact, I enjoy becoming a tour guide, something I always wanted to do although I am not good at it.

All of us, (my boss did not approve of my request to drive back to melaka) boarded the bus down to Melaka, listening to the official tour guide talking about Melaka along the way and pronouncing entourage as "and-too-rage" and we stepped down at a local merchant square here local products are being sold, a place that I have never stepped into. After about 20 minutes we proceeded to our hotel for check in and went for lunch.

And let me skip the talks and team building as it is something that happens in every annual trip or dinner in every country. So we proceeded to dinner, where everyone was clad in cowboy attires and our very enthusiastic MCs did the utmost impressive job in keeping the audience entertained and my role in handling part of the PA system and the impromptu MC-ing part. We also had a damn good performance by our entertainer, Mr Lenard Tan who cracked some of his witty, political and satirical jokes like how he explained that "a few sodomy cases have been transfered to the traffic department for 'illegal entry' and how "Yo, what's up, bro?" got translated badly in subtitles into "yo, apa naik, abang?" among many others.

It was one of our colleagues birthday after 12am, so I, as the Melakan, who is not the one celebrating my birthday, brought the crowd of 15-20 people to the nearest cafe which was closed, so we walked to another one which was nearby. The only problem was, the Director wanted to buy all of us wine, but it wasn't available. I could only think of a club: Pure Bar, and headed there. Fortunately, the live band was good and they served wine.

And then the managers and Directors partied. That was the highlight, as you see them party hard, the part you never get to see in office, but nevertheless, they are really fun and laidback people to mix with! We all partied till the wee hours of 3am

Ok, I was thinking alot about the trip the night before and the preparation of the event as I was part of the committee of the event. So I guess, putting it into priority for the night before kinda left the other priorities on a lower position which I am really sorry for doing it.

But like they say, we learn from mistakes and mistakes are never intentional, otherwise it would be called bad intentions. I'm doing all I can to make ends meet too, and as they say, with great power comes great responsibility, to be able to talk with someone as far as 10,000km or more, means that I have to sacrifice two bowls of Wanton Noodles, I'm willing to go to that length to get !!
Thanks Jerm and Sharon for the Bluetooth (Butut) Headphones!

I apologize for my wrong doings na!


(l-r): Yan Sean, Eileen, Aina, Rosalind, Farrah, Jessica and Tiffany
Align Center

Wingman - Winglady

The fantastic new company t-shirts

Farrah and Aina

We always think that Rosalind and I forms KLCC while Shino always comes in between as the bridge on the 44th level and since Ian comes into the picture, I've decided to name him the maxis building! LOL!


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