Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As time goes by...

Where it all began

You know, ever since my back packing trip last 2 years, I've never went out of Malaysia. Until last week. In my company, every year, they'll have an induction for new employees, usually in Singapore. This induction is very special, as all Asia pacific employees are gathered to this program where global directors give talk about the company and its functions. Basically we had people coming from China, Taiwan, The Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea and not forgetting... Malaysia. And I have to say, I had a blast!

I flew to Singapore feeling like staying home. I wasn't even a little motivated to go. KLIA was hot, and with the flight getting delayed, I was rather pissed. Luckily, to compensate, we were given food vouchers and we had pizza, which cooled me down a bit. We flew over to Singapore around 8-ish and stepped down by about 8.45-9. Got on a taxi and its been awhile since I've set foot on Singapore, took us about half hour to get to our hotel from the air port. It was raining pretty badly and we saw an accident nearby, a dead man lying down on the road, we thought nobody dies in Singapore in an accident like that. :P

Finally, at about 9.30, we reached Sheraton Towers where we checked into our rooms. There were 6 of us, so 3 rooms to be exact. Nothing beats a nice hotel room and of course, how could I miss my bubble bath! We figured, since we're only there for 2 nights, might as well find something to do before the program starts the next day. Rosalind and Shino were hungry we wanted to go to the food court above of Atria but it wasn't open, so we had to settle with McD off Orchard Road instead, where we tried the wasabi fillet o fish. Knowing me, I just tried a few of the wasabi shaker fries, don't wanna add on to the calories that I've burnt the week before.

basically it was already 11 when we settled down in McD so there's practically no where we can go at that time, but we came across this bar, where this 3 piece band performed, kinda kick ass I'd say. Headed to 7-11 to get our supplies just in case, and then headed home. Walking in Singapore is definitely fun, safe, and for sight seeing! Got back to the hotel, watch some TV while enjoying the weather and the cold temperature and relaxing on a bed that we'd never have at home.

The program starts a 9am at the ball room and since we're kinda last minute, the smarties occupied the back seats while leaving only the front seat for the Malaysia team. So much for a grand entrance! The SVP talked and the Global Sales Director talked, then break for lunch, and the IT Lady talked, and We're off to Sentosa Island for team building! We were divided into groups and we boarded the bus to get there via Vivo City. Recollection of my backpack trip :)

The giant merlion!

It was quite boring because we're the only two teams who got there earliest, and we thought the other teams were shopping in Vivo City while we're the only ones trying to get to the checkpoints, how demotivating! We were the second team apparently to get to the last checkpoint, and after 10,15 and 20 minutes everyone showed up, and then we were asked to build a car using things like PVC pipes and wheels. It was really good that we built a car that last but couldn't win the race, sounds familiar doesn't it? Ahem, Alex Ahem, Yoong!

We were building the car, and...


The Malaysian Trainees

The highlight will have to be after that, we're gonna have dinner in Cafe Del Mar! Its heaven for a chill out music junkie like me! I wish they have it in the Beaches in Malaysia, it'll be a hit! We had unlimited flows of cocktails, mocktails, beer, or whatever comes in your mind, but the food? It was just so so... The beach's great, the crowd's great, the ambience, 4-out-of-5 stars.

The three of us outside of Cafe Del Mar... Such a beautiful place.

Jules, Shino, Rosalind, Mang, Muk and Yos

The Malaysian Team

Alexia (Sales Controller), Derrick (National Sales Manager), Shino, Julian Boy and Rosalind

After that some random messy, mob looking guy came and shouted "I'm inviting everyone from the supply team for a drink at Clarke Quay and its on me, and I'm also extending the invitation to anyone who likes to follow us down!" who happens to be our Global Supply Director. He's way too cool to be a director! We passed as we've already invited the Koreans, Chinese and Thais to a round of drinks later.

The guys who followed the supply team went straight on to Emerald Hills instead as it was raining and Clarke Quay has an open concept, its kinda hard when the rain pours into your drinks. We went home and got change and switch ourselves to our party mode. We were contemplating whether to go to MOS but it was under renovation so we headed to Zouk instead. Zouk's kinda dead on a Thursday we wonder why, so we ended up in the winebar beside. Apart from Matthew Chee's beer game, nothing beats the game we played that night. I'll not go further on that, whatever happened in Singapore... you get the gist of it.

The Last Day...

Jules, Kim Chun Jae, Kim Woo Sang and Rosaling

Some funny face, but the mr Harold and Kumar looks like he's constipating badly.

Last day, just before we part...

We had so much fun, the Malaysia team seriously regretted not having our stay extended, otherwise it'll be crazy. How I wish it lasted longer. Damn it! See, without even thinking that its gonna be fun, i thought to myself how boring it would be. Just like many of my other decisions, i regretted, because I just couldn't think positively. Oh well, lesson learned.

We had so much fun, that for one of us, the explosive fun feeling overwhelmed a greater feeling called love. Well sometimes different experiences make us learn and realize many things.

For my friend, I hope all is well for you!

It was a wonderful holiday, after a long year of work!

But we still have to say good bye
Not to Singapore, but the people I may never meet again... I certainly hope not!


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