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Eerie Encounters Part 1

According to the chinese tradition, the hungry ghost festival (around August-September) is the period of time where it is believed that the spirit of the dead people will be released from the gate of hell. Activities at the festival include preparing ritualistic offering food, and burning hell money to please the visiting ghosts and spirits as well as deities and ancestors. Other activities include burying and releasing miniature paper boats and lanterns on water, which signifies "giving directions to the lost ghosts". A very solemn festival, the festival nevertheless represents a connection between the living and the dead, earth and heaven as well as body and soul. Therefore during this period of time, children and teens are often forbidden from going out till late at night because Chinese people have regarded that during this time, children will be more vulnerable and might see "things". Im getting the chills writing this entry,.. haha.. its 3.46am and it is believed that ghosts don't rest until it is 5am haha... I'm getting goose bumps and cold sweat already!.. But I shall go on typing despite the fact that I might risk my life. We were on our way back from the cinema in Sunway Pyramid, when all of a sudden something leads to another and in the end.. we ended up talking bout our own experiences of encountering either "hallucinations" or "imaginery creatures" or "real things" whichever it may be. Chinese believes that placing beds by the corner of the four walls is not auspicious because at the four corners, there will be a ghost in each corner.. therefore if your bed is just by the corner, beware, cos you are at its territory. Another encounter is when one is sleeping, in the middle of the night, all of the sudden, you wake up but you just can't breathe, move, or talk.. you are actually being pressed by a spirit. Apparently this is the most famous encounter anyone had told me but this is the night that my friend thought me a way to protect yourself when this happens. If you noticed in the middle of the night that you are being pressed down,.. brace yourself, pack up some guts and try looking back to see if there is "something" on your back. If you do see something, make sure it is not looking back at you... then its time to give yourself sometime to make sure you're just seeing things. Close your eyes again and count to 10.. open, if you're still seeing the same thing means, its time to do something to knockdown/defeat your eerie fiend. Everyone of us knows that "things" are literally and somtimes metaphorically intangible, so to imply that they are light, so the first move you should execute will be the blowing action. Try blowing it as hard as you can so that it would fly away. If it doesn't work, then you have no choice but to spit as many times as you can towards it. This way, you 'll be able to repel it away but risking being scolded by your parents or laughed by your friends the next morning but this is your best defence against creatures pressing on you. LoL! Anyway I was accompanying YY back to her house cos she was also surrounded by the trepidation mustered during our ghost story session back at the dark quiet highway on the way home. She stayed on the 7th floor and how coincidentally, most Japanese, Hongkong, Taiwan, Korean horror movies have ghost making appearance in the elevator so I accompanied her back to her unit. We took the lift and then i walked her back to her unit. And COINCIDENTALLY again, the movie "Recycle" had a scene where the actress actually met 2 figures on the 7th floor so when I was there I can't stop thinking bout it. by the time i was in the elevator I had maximum goosebumps plus a drop or two of cold sweat. Waiting for the lift to reach 1st floor seemed forever, and in most movies, you'll either see a reflection of a spirit if the lift has mirrored walls, or unwanted shadows, or sudden lift breakdown, or worse, a figure floating in the lift, or visions of a black figure when the lights SUDDENLY flicker. My strategy to counter this situation is by standing at the right back corner of the lift so that you do not leave any extra space behind you for something to be positioned at. Secondly keep your eyes open, because if you close your eyes, you wouldn't know where you will be attacked. Stay positioned, keep ur eyes opened so you'll know where to run when the door opens (closing your eyes close might slow you down and risking you to fall or run into the door or wall. The next thing is while the lift is coming down you might want to do alittle praying/chanting (for me, I chanted "namoamithaba" all the down to 1st floor) in order to gain confidence, and seek help from god. That way, you should be 90% safe from all these encounters. Follow these procedures and your life and face will be spared (by doing these, you will be able to save ur effort to wash ur wet pants and underpants). Satisfaction guaranteed.


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heyzz.. i guess u imagined too much larr.. but that always happens when u go talk bout ghost stories earlier.. so it lingers around in your mind.. I've some pretty scary encounter in the cyberia lifts myself so i can imagine how scary it can when can i read part 2? hehehe

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