Monday, September 18, 2006

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I declare this month as the "Cintakan Malaysia" month where I'll post everything significant about Malaysians, what we like, what we do, and the rituals. Today I will talk about the traditional Malaysian activity: The rempet culture.

Rempet means riding on a motor bersama kawan kawan and ber'ram the engine' kaw kaw. Rempet somehow sounds like someone making a loud sound by excessively accelerating his/her motorbike. They are seen in large groups (approx. 20 people) and they exist to slow down the traffic and make Malaysia roads seem busy.

Their 'ride' varies but the famous ones being Suzuki RC sports (motor JPJ), Modenas Kriss 110, Honda EX5, or Yamaha SRX. Anything beyond those models are considered luxurius. They believe in cost-efficient logic, because most of them motor-pull all the time. One motorbike will be occupied by at least 2 person.

HOW TO IDENTIFY THEM WHEN THEY ARE: on the bike. It will be easier to explain if shown visually, so below are some pictures:
The stunt yang maut.
perempuan pun rempet
double wheely

HOW TO IDENTIFY THEM WHEN THEY ARE: not on the bike. Normally they'll carry their helmets along. Wear super tight jeans and big shoes. Skinhead or Azlee Senario style. T-shirt worn would most definitely have Stone Cold Steve Austin's pic, The Rock, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Search, or any similar kind of graphics. Very easily distinguishable. Merekalah kebanggaan Malaysia!

During Merdeka months they will be seen in very very very large (i repeat: VERY x3 large) group cruising on the streets with malaysia flags attached on their rides.

Final evolution
the anti rempit campaign


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