Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yet another Acoustic Gig

I'll only study after this.. haha.. seriously.. Anyway, last tuesday 19 oct, FMC had another acoustic gig for CF's final gathering for the 1st trimester 06/07. We were invited and we played the four same songs, please refer to my previous post on FOM BBQ nite. We played after DBS who were magnificent (they play Incubus' I miss you, 2 more songs which I can't recall the title). The vocalist had a great voice and I am amazed!

The crowd was really dissapointing.. it was a small gig but we performed without amps and mics so we had to play and sing loudly. Some people were making noise at the back of the room and we can hardly even hear what we are playing. Weiming was extremely pissed, angry, furious, sad, no mood and damn emo that night. He (susah payah)learnt how to play the le cajon (malay: Tin biskut Jacob's) but in the end his endeavour was not appreciated by the crowd. Just FYI ming, Lenard, Victor and I really appreciated your initiative to learn and play with us that night. You are the best, terbaik, second to none, immaculate, impecaable, perfect, cantik, menarik, tertarik, terbilang and Asia Bagus! I'd say. Back to the story, anyway, he damn emo and he NWA(niggaz with ATTITUDE) and walked home by himself.

anyway we didnt have anyone to take photos of us that day.. we have our photos taken but I don't know who to ask from.. cos I barely know anyone there. I do think CF is kinda fun with all the activities that they have to create a stronger bonds among youngsters and the number of chun girls are also another factor why going to CF is fun haha. But the highlight of the night was Victor and I (yet again dissapointed by the post performance treatment) pao all the food.. I paoed all the sandwiches and victor paoed the Twisties haha.

Here is a pic taken by VictorFrom (l-r): the two guitars that had to bear with us for 2 performances and yet they gave us the best sounds. Not to forget the tambourine that became our metronome that day and LASTLY, the "Marijuana-inspired-cajon-inspired-by-tin-biscuit-that-Jules-tried-to-break-again-and-again" Haha thats a long long name.

The whole FMC experience was/is/will be the best one! Nevertheless RHC was/is/will always in my heart and soul. I'll never forget my roots in music! heheh! Cheers to my musical brothers from different mothers!

OK!OK!OK!OK! I'll studyyy noowwww!

I will love you for the rest of my life


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