Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Rice Pot and A Blunt Knife

When you only have a rice cooker at home.. there is nothing much that you can cook.. And I am freaking sick of looking for recipes in the internet that require a myriad of things do.. All I wanted was a simple recipe.. I've tried searching in for "simple+recipes" and the recipes are still complicated. Furthermore most recipes are western food recipes so it requires a lot of cheese, salad dressing, beef bla bla bla..

After searching for so much.. I finally stumble upon and I saw this post: the recipe for long bean rice which I have asked my parents opinion and modified
it abit to suit my situation: poor. haha.

So this is what I put into that pot of rice (this dish is fairly simple and only requires you to chuck everything in all at once and wait till the rice is cooked).

1. About three batangs of long beans cut into smaller pieces
2. Chinese sausages (how many? to your liking I'd say, I put just a little bit because it is fattening).
3. Chicken (I used drumstick in which I cut it into bite sized pieces)
4. Rice (I only cook for myself)
5. Water
6. Oyster sauce
7. Soya sauce
8. Ginger
9. Garlic

The ingredients seem so much but actually those are just really simple and basic stuff.
First off, I seasoned the chicken for about 3 hours cos I have too much time.. haha.. then when the chicken's ready, clean the rice, pour some water, put in the long beans, throw in the garlic and ginger (chopped into smaller pieces), pour some oyster sauce for taste and a little soya sauce for saltiness and the chicken all into the rice cooker. All you have to do now is just to wait for the 'cook' button to 'tack' and the rice will be ready. Oh yeah if you want to add in dark soy sauce to make the rice look darker.

This is how my long bean rice looks like. Its not dark cos I don't have dark soya sauce haha!

I had a real hard time trying to cut the chicken cos my knife is fucking blunt and I ended up using a pair of scissors to cut the meat into pieces. AND I don't have a chopping board so I was really frustrated.. but the rice turned out very well despite the fact it was less salty cos I didn't put enough oyster sauce (I think its because the taste of the oyster self is quite bland.. so I didnt know how much to put, seriously.. cos its made by my neighbour's sister.. she's trying to market her new brand.. haha it really ain't that nice compared to brands like lee kum kee or lee shun hing..

p/s: the picture was taken using my roomates Samsung d500 so the quality is quite poor..



Blogger CharSiu said...

sounds tasty! i use scissors to cut chicken drumsticks too, it's too mafan to use a knife lol.

by the way, liang made yummy fish porridge before. easy to cook and tasty! ask him to share his recipe XD

tip: when looking for simple to cook recipes, try searching for "one pot meals" =D

11:47 PM  

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