Monday, April 16, 2007

Kudos my hero, leaving all behind, There goes my hero, He's ordinary

Happy 47th Birthday Mommy!
I love you soooo much!

My mom's birthday falls on the 12th of April. Every year she has more presents more than me. But, nevermind, I'm still happy cos I love my mom. For this year, we had her birthday dinner at a restaurant (not a fancy one) that serves really nice food. They appeared on Astro once and highly recommended by the King of Food (if im not wrong). They serve mainly Hainanese food. Oh they're in Kota Laksamana, go there if you have a chance. They have very bad service, but the food will change your mind :D. Its called Lao Di Fang (old place). Here are some photos.

The cake I bought for mom :D
Its a Tiramisu

Me, Dad, Mom, Sis bf Jonathan, and sis.
Sis, Mom, Dad and Jonathan

Me and Mom

Mom and her cake

Mom and Dad

Mom with the flowers my sis bought for her.


Today I sat for my mid term for the subject Marketing Strategy. The fucking online notes was only 5 pages long, so my friends and I thought, there aren't really much to read, but the paper was freaking difficult. At one point of the exam, I really wish I could do this:


Then I'll be able to stop time so I could get the answer from the lecturer or wherever it is at.
Damn! (Luckily only 10 marks)


10 Things You Don't (or might not) Know About Me: 10 random facts about myself.
Tagged by Aya.

  • I am a blood donor and also an organ donor.

  • I'll never grow up, I am a grown ass kid.

  • I like to listen to really sad songs when I'm really sad.

  • I like to be in a room crowded with furnitures and pillows. I don't like big empty rooms.

  • I do not miss my gym sessions. If I do, I feel terribly guilty and will punish myself with unlimited sit ups and pushups. (someone please help me, seriously).

  • i get anxious/worried/scared too very often. I hate myself for being that way.

  • I am seriously poor, if you already don't know this.

  • I think god is a good painter, he paints a different sunset everyday.

  • I hate to see people better or happier than me. (sorry I'm not a selfless person).

  • I think acquaintances are like websites, you check em out the first time, you read more and click more but if you don't like em, you just don't go back to the website anymore.

  • I think feelings and money are the world's two most evil things. They are not good at all yet you want them really badly. At times, they betray blood too.

    I hate mondays but I hate Sunday nights even more.


Anonymous radicalzyc said...

HIRO NAKUMRA!!! u can bend space-to and time-so.. x-D

11:57 PM  
Blogger toi toi said...

it's a good one wei!! for a moment really reminded me of him.. but my all time favorite is peter petrelli

1:30 AM  
Anonymous sue-n said...

nice haircut. i hate mondays too.

7:00 AM  

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