Sunday, February 25, 2007

When I Was Small, Christmas Trees Are Tall

Now we are tall, and Christmas Trees are small. Cny reminds me of my childhood.. But anyway, Its sunday again,.. I hate Sundays.. its the end of good times.. Oh well,.. anyway. Cny has been great, with lots of food and people and fun. Not too many ang pows but I had a really great time, with family and friends.

If you're just like me and my homes, we like pain.. so this chinese new year holiday we have inflicting much pain to ourselves,.. and here's a list of things to do or not to do.. if you like mutual torchering/suffering. It may sound abit morbid, but we know how to turn pain into laughter.

That's the twist and quirks of human beings. We have the tendency to make torcherings sound like fun. Tell it in a different manner, killing a cat sounds funny.. thats how black humor@dark comedy works. So here's our list of Stupid things to do to shift the pain to your friends!

1. The "Punch-The-Shoulder-Until-You-Cry-Game"
I guess all of YOUs who've seen my previous post would know how this work. choose a round table, so that you don't have to struggle to reach your friend. This is simple, punch your neighbours shoulder as hard as you can (hopefully it'll swell) and it works like a chain. The reason to inflict as much damage as you can possibly do is to aggravate your neighbour to put as much strength towards his neighbour. This game is a fair game. After a perfect round, the direction changes (clockwise or anti-clockwise) so everyone will have the chance to get back at the guy who attacked him.

Rating: 4/5 star
Maximum Pain Game

2. The "Snip-The-Nipple-Game"
Its the game that only a person like Siuyook will play. Not a guy game... Nuff said.

Rating: 1/5 star
Makes you go goosebumps and get hard nipples. Gross.

3. The "Punch-The-Fist-Game"
This by far the second most violent game to play. Fist against fist. I only tried it once and I've had enough of it. Its like an eye for an eye. Fist for fist. If you're weak you might just break your bone. Bruises after punch (too much impact). Bone to bone.

Rating: 2/5
Its a babarian's game.

4. The "Slap-Your-Thigh-As-Hard-As-Possible-Game"
Its like the shoulder punching game but this time you slap your neighbour's laps as hard as you can. We talking about the part of your thigh close to the genitals cos that's where you have the most tender flesh in your thigh.

Rating: 4/5
Slapping friends never felt as good as this.

5. The "Bite-Your-Friend's-Lovehandle-Game"
This is like raping your friend. One person will be targeted and the others will try to bring their victim down and temporarily lock him in the desired position and another guy (e.g Siuyook) will bite the victim's lovehandle.

Rating: 2/5
Not our favourite past time.

6. The "Beer-Game"
Clearly, I'm not involved in this game. But if there's enough supply of beer, this game might just make a person drop. The game's simple. Everyone has 5 bucks (In the end everyone gets back their money) and a cup. Each round, you can either put 1 buck in the cup and call the other person's name or take the money and drink for the round. The person summoned may do the same, put a buck in and call another guy or take the money and drink the beer. If you do not manage your money well, in the end you will have to keep drinking beer when someone calls you. Oh this is not a fair game, so if everyone bitters you, you'll have to drink till you drop.

Rating: 4/5
Fools look more foolish in this game. Manage your money well.

7. The "ICE game"
This is a no-brainer game. Also the most dangerous game ever. Take a bucket full of ice and some water and put your hands in it and see who'll last the longest. I've done it twice and the second time I done it, I regretted doing it. We had our hands in the bucket for fucking 3 minutes. My hand felt bloated and hard and stiff and felt like perma pins and needles. It took me about 15 minutes to feel normal again AND waking up the next day to feel your fingers really pain.

Rating 5/5
Maximum damage. Serious DAMAGE. Try it if you think you're strong but stupid. Only for people who'e meditated for the rest of their life.

8. The "Chilli-Game"
The same as the beer game except that this time you substitute beer for raw bird's eye chilli, ginger and garlic. Siuyook dropped lots of sweat and tears.

Rating 4/5
Max damage for some.. Not me.


I watched Ghost Rider with my homiez the last weekend and I think Johnny Blaze is the mostest coolest guy in the world. Although the story line really sucked. The movie was at 12am but we're almost late cos my friend NIC, hadddd to watch The transporter 2 at home until about 11.45 when he reached to pick me up. While he was speeding he said he wants to be like the transporter because "he damn chat Yeng" and insisted to learn how to speak like an Englishman. I told him "plus, you can bang your boss's hot wife" haha. After watching GR I asked him "So now you change your mind about becoming the transporter?" he said "No. The transporter still more yeng". So I told him "Anyway you can never be Johnny Blaze" "You know why? Cos you got no motor lesen."


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