Thursday, April 05, 2007

You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, The fundamental things apply, As time goes by

Seriously, be grown up isn't half as fun as growing up.. but I guess we really need to move on in life.. Life is... very much like an RPG game. Like final fantasy, or maple story. I totally hate the latter, cos i feel left out. Anyway, i think life is like Video games because very much the same in life, we have a purpose. You try to improve your character's level and stats as good as can be so when you reach a certain level you'll be able to get the job or skills and abilities that you're aiming for. Just like in life, you have to go to school, get good results and go on to higher education levels and finally get a good job in life.. Just like in the games, the only difference is, if you fuck you real life up, you don't get to create a new life again.

Well im moving in to my Level 2 job already; Getting out of school and into work. Hopefully my stats and level are good enough to get me a good job in order to proceed further into the game of life.

This week has been a very tiring one packed with all sorts of activities (it isn't hectic, but very packed). I have been working in a career fair in campus in order to earn some money, that I'm keeping to get myself a good working shoes (don't wanna burden my parents to pay for my stuffs anymore, I guess I should be responsible for my own things already by now).

Ho Weng Leong and Yang visiting our booth

Me in our booth

Me with my Nokia 5300

My friend Yue Yun


FMC will be performing for E-Nite in April, in Palace of The Golden Horses. Last night was our second last jamming session and although I think we sounded good, we haven't done our best yet. We recorded a couple of videos and will be posted shortly, but at the moment here's some camwhore moments.

All of us

When we're playing Corrine's Like a Star

Me and Victor

While our guitars gently weep

My back

Me and Yichang


It's Not Over

I've been quite interested in Chris Daughtry's band and their music recently. I think the song It's not over is really nice, and was surprised to know he actually joined AI (for your info I'm not really a big fan of AI, although this new season I really liked Brandon Rogers rendition for MJ's Rock With You). I thought he would ended up better in the Rockstar series. But he done good for himself and like they say, the rest is history. Apparently, they've designed an epiphone les paul standard (I've used the guitar before thanks to Lenard and Siuyook) to be given away by answering a few questions while watching them rock in Channel [V]'s singled out this month.


Its a nice guitar, but not so custom la :D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am just so proud of you Julian, sincerely. hope that you will be well and happy ALWAYS, my friend.

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