Sunday, March 25, 2007

Youre still young, thats your fault, Theres so much you have to go through.

The not so long awaited update that many have anticipated (cheh.. haha)

When you've got a call from a company, scoring the interview ain't easy. It was my first interview and I was quite intimidated, as I was late because I was trying to figure out how to get to that place. But my first interview was quite dissapointing, not because I think I am incapable of answering the question but at the fact that, it didn't turn out like what I expected and that I felt it was more like getting a temporary job kind of interview.

Well, I'm trying my best not to insult the managers/directors who interviewed me, but DAMN I STATED IN MY RESUME THAT I AM ONLY AVAILABLE IN JULY and yet they called me for an interview and said the want to hire urgently. All the way to Glenmarie Shah Alam just to tell me that. Oh ok, I am sorry I know I need to have a transport in order to get that management trainee job but it isn't my aim to be a sales executive, isn't it obvious that a management trainee position is a job whereby we will be train to master in the department that we are good at and since I do not have a transport I believe I may be transfered to another department other than the Sales department?

In the midst of the interview, SHE asked me, "we have a position, as a Human Resource Executive, would you be interested?" And so I asked, "what would my responsibility be as a HR Exec?" and she replied, "you look after and keep a record of the company assets" (which in my opinion many of you will agree, but read on) "You will be in charge of things like changing the light bulbs (pointing at the light attached to the ceiling) or if the light bulb is too high above, you will have to make an appointment with the contractor. Oh and other than that, you are in charge in the company's fixed assets too. Like counting the amount of chairs and table and other things and make sure that there's no theft or anything that's broken. (I was like, what the heck, that's like not called human resource right? and that position, honestly speaking, doesn't need a person to have a degree to do that right? Come on, I am not trying to be smart or arrogant, but I earn my bachelor's degree to secure a job that has a better career prospect, even if I have to work from the bottom of the corporate hierarchy, but something that matches with my qualifications la. Doing such a job has nothing to do with management trainee I suppose.

In two days I had two interviews, the second one being a marketing research assistant (in which I have an interested at). However, the director really broaden my horizon alittle and taught me a little more things that I know. As I only consider this interview to be a little more serious, and I only had little preparation, also because I didn't know what to expect but I didn't pressure myself too much as I think its best to be yourself and keep things true. The director who interviewed me adviced me to think about "what you really want to do" and "what do you see yourself in 3 years time" well both questions are still very fuzzy things in my mind, I didn't really know what, and that's why I applied for all kind of positions possible, because honestly I don't really know what I am good at and frankly, I am willing to learn, if it really interests me. But as a piece of advice, do think highly of yourself but at the same time, do not go beyond what you really know, praise yourself as much as possible because that's the only time you can do so but do not exagerate, tell people why you are worth the job and the salary you're demanding and not the other way round. Fortunately, I still have about 4 months before I can really work but I guess its time that I should apply for a job now but this interview has been a very valuable one.

From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen,
For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not.

A conversation between my sister and a taxi driver while we're on our way to pudu bus station from my sister's place in BU.

My Sis: S
Taxi Driver: T

S: Wah caj untuk call taxi driver sudah naik harga ah!
T: Ye laaa, ada apa yang tak naik lagi...
S: Ade, gaji la tak naik!
T: Aaa.. betul tu semua naik gaji tak naik.
S: Kalau tak salah kat KL jam pasal ade function PDRM kan?
T: Oh yang ketua polis negara datang la.. tapi saya rasa itu kat stadium merdeka sana aje la.
S: Oh...
T: Mengada saja, buat ini la itu la.. kita undi menteri semua, bukannya kite untung.
S: Yelah, mana ada kite untung, mereka perlukan kita untuk naik, tapi bila dah naik kita tak untung apa apa. Bila nak kita undi, macam macam dia buat.
T: Yelah, bila nak kita undi semua dia buat, sampai nenek tua buta kat tepi jalan pun dia sanggup dukung hantar sampai balik, bila dia dah naik ahh.. letak orang tua tu balik, tak buat apa apa, bila nak kita undi, jalan raya semua dia buat lepas tu biar saja.. ish ish ish ish..
S: yelah...
T: Tengok, bila mereka ada tolong kita? Bila dah kena baru mereka nak buat benda baik.. ahh tengok hari tu,.. ada orang mati kena denggi baru dia nak sepray kat taman taman semua, bila takde tak nampak pun mereka nak buat apa apa.. biasa la.. (quiet for a few seconds)
Kamu tahu tak, Ketua polis negara tu adik dia Jalaludin Hassan? Yang millionaire itu...
S: Ohhh ya ya.. ohhh adik dia eh? macam ke muka mereka..
T: ahh agak agak la..
S: Ohhh macam tu senang la dia.. lain kali nak dapat gelaran dato pun senang...
T: Ehh.. takdela dia tak dapat dato' punya lainkan dia keje polis la.. lepas tu senang dia naik pangkat.. Sekarang Jalaludin senang la... nak pandu keta laju laju ke... tak pakai sefti belt ke... takde lesen pun takde orang berani tangkap dia.. Ala kalau ada gelaran dato' pun sama jugak la.. takde bezanya!
S: Yelah... sekarang gelaran Dato' dah takde nilainya.. kalau ade duit dah boleh... Kalau diikutkan, mesti sumbang pada Negara atau business man yang tolong naikkan nama negara semua ok la... kan..
T: Aaaa.. betul betul.. Tengok, saya tengok punnnnn bengang giler,.. si Siti Nurhaliza punnn boleh panggil Dato' saya betul betul tak paham la.. bukkanya dia tolong apa apa.. nanyi jer..
S: haha (giggling). P.Ramlee pun ada Tan Sri' kan? dia dulu dulu dah dapat ke?
T: Aaaa ya ya.. dia pun dah mammmpoosssss baru la dapat Tan Sri.. apa guna.. bila hidup tak nak bagi.,. bila dah mampos baru dapat.. tak paham betula.. tengok sekarang mereka tengah bincang nak bagi Sudirman gelaran Dato' ,... tak paham la.. daripada buat macam tu.. baik bagi Aziz Satah (P.Ramlee's friend and actor of his generation) dia belum meninggal la.. hidup lagi.. baik bagi dia.. sekurang kurangnyer boleh lagi menikmati..
S: Yela yela... sekarang semua orang pun ade dato' dah.. asal kaya dan famous la..

(Quite for a few moment, after awhile, at the side of the road a motorcyclist was stopped by a police)

T: Ahh.. tengok mat rempek rempeeek sampai kena tangkap polis...
S: Giggles

(swerving a little to the right to avoid an ongoing motorcyclist who was looking at the police)

T: Ahh.. yang depan tu tengok mat rempet tak tengok kereta, nanti kena hempet.. bodoh betul la orang orang ni semua.. ishhh isshh..

(stopped at the traffic light towards petaling street, camera shop at the right)

T: Ehh sekarang kamera pun bukannyer mahal sangat kan?
S: Yelah.. dulu 3.2 mp pun kena 2000 lebih sekarang 7 mp seribu lebih pun boleh dapat
T: Ahhh yela sekarang semua pun murah, kereta pun murah
S: Yala.. tapi petrol mahal..
T: haha yelahhh.. kalau diikutkan semua orang pun dah boleh handphone.. dulu nak beli handphone bukan main mahal la! sekarang penoreh getahhhh punnn boleh ada hangphone.. tengah toreh getah bole cakap dengan bini..
S: Laughs
T: Budak budak semua ada hanpon, ala.. sekarang penoreh getah pun boleh pandu waja lahhh..
S: Yala (laughs)

(Arriving at kota raya)

T: Ada satu benda kan... saya tak faham la... pelik betul dari dulu kan sampai sekarang, tak kira pagi ke malam,.. jalan ni mesti jam habis punya.. bukannyer ade apa apa... tengok kedai tu punnn dah nak basi.. tapi jalan ni mesti jam punya la.. aku betul betul pelik.. tak senonoh betul..
S: Laughs
T: Okei lah.. dah sampai..

(Pays fair and left)

Very fun and enlightening conversation.. haha.. taxi drivers meet everyone everyday, so they are more exposed to many more people compared to us and perhaps some white collar workers, so do not underestimate them.. they may only be taxi drivers but they may be knowledgeable. haha..


My Starwars Celebrity look alike friends

Siuyook as...


Gary as...


Eugene John as..


Nic as...


Ken as...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg..reflecting on my last visit to msia....
all i can say is taxi drivers are scary n darn!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

starwars celebrity look alike frens--*IMPRESSIVE*
kagum kagum....

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