Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Living in Everyday Combat

So our friend wants a tattoo... He showed me this (below), stating that he wants a dagger tattoo. I though it was not bad, as one of our friends also have a dagger tattooed on his leg. But his dagger was surrounded by a snake. It was cool, but ken doesn't want any other animals. Here's what he wants:

1. Dagger
2. Heart
3. Maybe a wing


I searched thru google to see if there is any nice designs, but only to come up with A few that I think is nice. The one that really caught me eyes is the one below, but ken insisted that he doesn't want skulls cos he said "no peace". He doesn't want roses cos he said "it's gay". I was thinking.. "Guns & Roses aren't gay...". But anyway, I told him I'd design something for him..

so.. ladies and gentlemen, what do you think? Well Its still a draft..

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