Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Love songs that gives me the goosebumps

I just don't know why but these few days, I can't stop listening to slow songs, love ballads, sad songs. Sometimes these songs just make me feel so good.. BoA's My Prayer gives me the feeling of a saturday afternoon family outing feeling. haha its weird but I don't know why. Listening to Carpenter's Goodbye to Love, Rainy Days and Mondays, make me contemplate about how my parent's life was like back in the 70s and 80s, like how does my home looked like in the days, and the things my parents did back then, though I don't really know cos i wasnt there, but I seem to have a vision of how it should look like everytime i listen to the song. Listening to Eason's Lonely Christmas, makes me sad and I cried listening to that song, when I was with my exgf. Weird enough I cried not because I felt lonely but because I felt I wanted to be lonely and didnt want to be attached. The words to that song are really meaningful and it worked for me. I guess thats how powerful songs can be when your listening to the right song at the right time. When I jog, I'll hum to the tune of Marty Casey's Trees cos it gives me the energy and the spirit to jog longer and further... hehe.. Listening to any BSB songs remind me of the time when I grew up with my sister cos I'll always remember that BSB was one of the first boybands that became famous among kids and teenagers and whatever my sister liked in the past, I'll want to like as well.. hehe.. I look up to her like a role model and I wanted to hang out with her and her friends all the time when I was younger. Hehe.. but we are growing up and time has changed us and slowly, all of us are building our own personality and we think differently now. Life becomes more complicated for my sister, but I'm still so relaxed as I always am, but when I listen to the song "I wish you love" by Natalie Cole, I'd like to wish her luck in her life. :)

Ps: What songs reminds u of those sweet memories?


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