Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy belated birthday sis!

The past few weeks have been the worst in my life.. I've been losing money for some petty mistakes and score low on mid terms, bla bla bla and now at 4.56 I'm formatting my bloody damn computer with my housemates aggravating me cos my ntsf.sys has been corrupted. Fuck Bill Gates man! yeah! Your computers are never bug free and they are always so shitty!

Oh enough of that.. I borrowed my housemates camera to snap photos of my family on my sis's 24th birthday.. had lots of great shots.. so when I got back to my house in Cyberjaya I had be told that he left the cable in Mlk!! Oh shit luck.. its ok its good that weng leong reminded me that some laptops are able to read XD cards so I got it read on my housemates laptop. I've edited all the photos but when I restarted my computer everything went wrong..

Turns out that one of my WINDOWS file is corrupted. I tried everything man.. from fixing my housemates cd-rom to my comp to fixing my hard disk to another housemate's computer to getting my housemates hardisk into my pc! I tried 2 windows XP disks, plug and unplugging.. and in the end I have to reformat my hardisk for the damn second time.. bloody hell!

In the end I got all my photos from my housemates laptop and loaded it to my roomate's bro's pc and I re edited everything again. So I guess I'll upload all the photos here..

sis, dad and me

me and my sis

Me and my mother

mom sis and dad

my sis

my mother



I will love you for the rest of my life


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