Sunday, September 24, 2006

Some shots

Oh yeah I figured that I should also post up some photos I've taken using my friend's dad's Olympus camera.. I tried to shoot some artistic shots but thats just my first try.. anyway they are taken on the same week as my sis's bday and you can also view it here ( Assignments and that damn ntfs have taken up almost all of my time i had earlier so I wasted the day without studying.. Oh damn time is running out I hope I'll still maintain second upper end of this trimester.. here are some.. I'm still saving some money up and I'll be cooking for myself for the rest of this 3 damn weeks.. cos I still need more money for my backpacking trip.. I shall update this blog with the food I cook when I cook haha..

Time is running out!

Guess I just gotta rush things again..



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