Saturday, March 22, 2008

Buying Replica Watches lesson no.1

Dear friends, for some of you who wants to buy replica watches (which I have, time and time again conned my friends into believing they are real), here are somethings that you won't really notice.

Lesson no.1 is: How to identify between a normal grade Tag Heuer carrera to a real carrera. As in Tachymeter Automatic Chronograph models.

Sorry for the small image, im currently using MS Paint that sucks big time cos I do not have Adobe Photoshop now.

Anyway if any of you are planning to buy this model, you'll get 5 obvious differences that sets it apart from the original.

The price of this watch varies from sellers, averaging from RM80 - RM 130 roughly.

I. The tachymeter bezel is made up of glossy metal (original one is shiny), and another thing, i'll illustrate:

the Bezel for the original version is not curved at the side (right)

Bezel difference between original (top) and replica (below)

II. 12 o'clock subdial indicates minutes while the replica version indicates months.
III. if you notice, the gap between the bezel and the dial is smaller, as the original watch is thicker, while the replica has a longer gap between the bezel and the dial.
IV. 9 o'clock subdial should be seconds, while replica version indicates the 7 days numerically.
V. Original version indicates hours while replica version indicates 24 hour time.

The original version's buttons are for chronograph functions (stopwatch) while the replica one is meant for adjusting date and month.

Basically if you buy replicas (across all brands) with chronograph functions, you will get the date and month version. This only applies for automatic replica watches. Unless you are willing to spend more than 700 bucks for a replica, this is what you'll get.

My input about mass replicas are, for brands like tag heuer, the replicas are not made to perfection. In terms of quality of the casing, and also the design.

Please check carefully before you buy this watch.


Anonymous lenard said...

pro sial~

i wonder why replica makers dont address all these issues... i mean, i'm sure they can... seems like they're purposely putting an error or 2 here and there =\

10:05 AM  
Blogger Jules said...

I wonder why too... And there are no improvements...

Maybe it just isn't worth doing so?

7:56 AM  

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