Monday, July 28, 2008

I never noticed How lovely were the aliens

I've been very pious these days, leaving work as early as I can and having dinner late at night. I've been spending extensive hours in the gym almost everyday, doing what I do best. A good religious follower.

Well, yesterday, my god woke up on the wrong side of his bed, and decided to ask me to stay away from the temple for awhile. He made my neck break. I brokeded my neck last night. But being the Spartan that I am, I feel the pain but have not died yet.

And my ending tenure in my current company stops me from being able to skip work. Damn.. too many follow ups to be done.

But still... Pushmore for the Win!

Neck breaking Record for time:

100 Pull Ups
100 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Squats

completed in: 23:51

And, oh don't be misled by my photos, there are more topless guys than what you see in the pics above, girls.


What happened on last Saturday, was definitely something that is not very proud to be spoken of. Apparently, there's this group of people who achieved more than we did! So I am not happy now! NOW!

Project: Highland Towers.

For No.1, we couldn't find it, for No.2 we were too afraid to explore further! Damn it! DAMN! But the look out point from there was great though... And the rich people up there.. My God! GTR35 parked outside the house? Daymn, these mofos sure are deep in them pockets.

We shall conquer HT, by hook or by crook, even if our head spins 360 and start vomitting at all costs!

Why are there so many of my friends who don't enjoy ghost hunting?


Was dragged down by the Devil.

1st Round: The Squire Telecaster: Its the clean beautiful haunting tone that I've once felt when I was 16, and the feeling never changed. Thats the definition of a beauty. And the slim and elegant neck adds up to the feel while sliding and pressing against the notes. Never cease to amaze me. But Single coil... its just isn't me. It didn't give me that Stereo sound blasted with a good bass tone when I turn on the OD on the Marshall Stack. Somehow, its.. almost there.. only.

Victor: Do you see yourself rocking with that?
ME: Wellllll... I don't know...

Round 2: Ibanez Artcore. When it comes to arch top guitars, no one really chooses Ibanez.. but this baby delivers. It pairs well to give you that clean acoustic tone, and when the O/D is up, you get that fat and rich sound, thanks to the humbuckers. Those F-Holes may have set back alil on the Rock Factor, but what the hell, even Slash uses Hollow body guitar now! But those are Gibsons... of course.

Victor: Do you see yourself rocking with that?
ME: Hmm.. somehow, but I FUCKING HATE Single cuts! Fuckin Les Paul! (Not that I hate LPs but its just a spur of the moment words) (I love LPs actually :] but this archtop, it just doesn't add up)

Round 3, final and deciding moment: Ibanez Artcore, in Matte Black. Gothic. Gives you the baritone sound. Everything that spells sexy. When I was choosing, this guitar just spoke to me somehow. But I had to bear with the open humbucker, which I personally prefer a plated humbucker.

Victor: Do you see yourself rocking with this?
ME: Totally!!! (After paying.. Not like I have any choice... but I totally rocked out with this piece of baby)

F-Holes, for the win!


Anonymous aly said...

kata broke! but can afford to buy that new alien! $#@!.

u suck.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Hi I'm ken. said...

haha, he kena the persuasion of the devil!!

"buy 1st, think later"

strap doesnt match bro. get a black one..haha

9:25 PM  
Blogger Jules said...

see.. the devil working his ways

10:35 PM  
Blogger kirksie boi said...

you go pushmore too!
I go there occasionally as well, but usually just train at MSN Bkt Jalil la.....

2:38 AM  

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