Monday, August 14, 2006

online game Freaks!

What game addicts will do:

1. 24/7 play games. Other activities: Sleep and eat (sometimes don eat).
2. 1st priority goes to game, second to physiology needs, third girlfriend
3. Will react against any other LAN members who are downloading.
4. The only website they will surf is: blueserver site.
5. only Saturday will be spent with GF
6. Will eat after finish 'leveling'
7. Only study if server down
8. NO game NO life
9. Will only laugh in the game, do not react to any other jokes
10. Will feel very angry if the game didnt end well. If fail exam then nevermind la, still happy.
11. They are great business man. Make millions in the game.
12. Stick to the Monitor all the time, when its time to eat will only say "Help me tapao la"
13. At home play game, when go cybercafe also play same game.
14. Can miss lectures but cannot miss games


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