Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Always All Ways (Apologies, Glances and Messed Up Chances)

Today is definitely another shitty day for me.. I just feel so down with my amount of luck.. maybe I should just hunt for some The Eye of Etlich Amulet or some charm that could increase my luck to +8 or 9 perhaps? argh.. I just couldn't guess that my luck could be so shitty. I wonder if the guy (God?) who decides who should get more luck could cut me some slack.

Shit already got shittier when I had to repurchase my airtickets, and followed by a few more unlucky events and now I just have to shit luck AGAIN. This evening was judgement day. I have to meet Dr Ali for presentation and what we had to do is to show him the cd that we have all our assignments kept in and he'll simply choose 1 document from that cd and asked you some questions

<------------ This is Dr Ali

So.. before we meet him it is obvious that we should have prepared by reading thru the documents (in my case, I have 5 journal articles in my cd). To my surprise, 2 of my articles were corrupted and I can't open the PDF file (it wasn't like this before this). I was kinda worried.. If I hadn't compellingly reformat my damn bloody PC (another shitty luck event) I could have rewrite my cd with my backup files. So I had no choice and the thought of finding new articles to replace the two old ones would have taken a long time and I would have to re-read the new articles. So I had no choice but to let him find out himself later that the two files cant be open and I'll show him the "it-wasn't-like-this-just-now" and raise my eye brows a little more than usual to show my innocentness.. so I guess I'd just read thru and memories some of the keywords from the 3 articles. It was all so well planned.

3.30 and I barely finished reading any of the journals. At that time I was kind of worried already but Ah Yang was supposed to pick all of us up and he wanted to leave early.. so at that point of time I was reallyyyyy worried and nervous. But fortunately all of us were.. haha. So.. the group presentation went well cos we managed to crap every shit out of our brain. Then came the individual presentation. The call of justice. Its my turn.. so I went in and hope everything goes as planned.

Dr Ali then asked me to look at the article that he chose.. to my fucking surprise.. the article that I can't open CAN be opened on his computer!! I was like "fuck! god fucking bless me please!".. I was so damn freaking nervous so I told him.. "I don't recall reading this article" he was kinda dissapointed he said "ok.. I'll give you another chance.. I'll choose another one and if you still can't answer I'll kick you out of the room" so I said ok.. He chose another one.. and it turned out to be the other document that I can't open and it CAN be opened on his stupid freaking damn computer! You tell me is that shit luck or what? And the whole presentation turned out like fuck. So you can guess.. He finally said "you better score very well for your final exam"..

I was so worried but his words may mean a million thing. His words have underlying meanings... you'll never know what he means.. but all I know I gotta really study hard for this subject or I'll get shit results just like how today's presentation has turned out to be.

Luck!! wherever you are.. please come back to me.. I'm counting on you!! haha.. Oh and I need some wisdom too.. I'm too dumb and my brain can't take in so many things at once.. I can't memorize everything!! ahhh! damn all this shit!


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