Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Transitions 2002-2004

Ahh.. just got back from the library not long ago.. so before I sleep .. I'll make another post.. heheh.. While I was viewing my band photos in my multiply, all those memories ran thru my mind.. oh.. those sweet memories.. I can still so sharply remember how many gigs we've played and which gig was the most gempak one.. I can still feel the LCC trophy that we won way back in 2003 heheh and I still can recall how many drum sticks Matt broke in ICE MUSIC PARADISE, how many 1st strings I snapped and how many times me, nic, and ken played the wrong keys during performance.. haha.. Just wanna shout out to all my RHC mates that there isn't one second that I have regretted being in the band. 2002 - 2004 have been the greatest time of my life. Now RHC is kinda like in hiatus haha. I really so damn hope all of us can reunite and be like the then RHC.
LCC 2003 was the highlight of RHC when we won the band category and we beat TF! haha.. here are some photos from

(Me in 2004 hehe)

RHC in 2003

RHC in 2004 as guest band

RHC 2004 in Sheraton Subang

Same as above

RHC in MMU botb audition 2004

Wish I have a cam all along so I could have taken all the things that I may forget in my life.

Wishlist 2006


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i miss rhc so alots too. :(

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