Saturday, February 10, 2007

don't count the years make the years count

My 22nd Chinese New Year is just about to begin in a few days. Starting last month I was already damn excited but I'm quite dissapointed to the fact that they are only selling bak kua all around but no fancy fancy new year decorations.. I mean, what the hell?? Every chinese new year there will be lesser and lesser things to see.. We have to stop this LETHARGY! I only see a few Chinese New Year ads, no lanterns around Jonker Street, hmmm.. like shit la. I just hate it. haha anyway This week have been great, A few things to point out:

First of all, I would like to apologize to my bandmates, I'm really sorry that I couldn't make it to the audition. Its New Year time again, where my sister and I will be asked to clean the whole house. Now now, I really don't want my parents to clean my room, my cabinet, my drawers only to find stashes of porn and some 003s? right? haha.. And I think they think that I think I am matured enough to not get embarassed by them by digging up skeletons in my closet (phew! thats really long!).
The tricky part why I'm needed to clean the house during the weekend is the kitchen. Its not like my parents don't clean the kitchen, they clean it every night by mopping and sweeping and wiping but this time around we really shift all the movable furnitures and equipments out and really thouroughly clean the kitchen.. Its really tiring thats why they save the best for us.. hehe.. anyway really sorry guys.

My nights in Melaka cannot be spent at home. Reason? No computer, no internet connection. Thats why I need to go out with my HOMIEZ! thursday night was really spontaneous, haha.. I really don't know how it started but we did many stupid things like hitting each other as hard as possible until we have to stop hitting cos everyone's got bruises already (honestly, I don't have cos I muskle!). Nic's hand already lebam on both shoulders, cos kena hit by me and Siuyook! hahaha. Gary's really kesian, he always gets picked by everyone in the group, and I mean everyone.. haha but its ok i guess he enjoys being bullied despite his utter profanity.

Here's two videos!

Friday night was bowling night. Had great fun, almost jam or break the bowling pinsetter cos I almost all the time trying to time my throws with the pinsetter gate opening. A few times almost bang but lucky enough to go through and even spared once doing that a couple of times haha.. Anyway according to my good friend, who's team on the 2nd game (on that night we played two lanes, thus making us 2 teams) strike and spare for 3 frames, the reason for striking and sparing is to hide their score from the opponents (haha its ok if you don't get it.. its hard to put a situation into words..)After that the occasional Char Siew Fan shop (I didn't eat though). After that we tried our hands on our own Diet Coke and Menthos chemical project, but... you should just check out our ignorance and stupidity on the next video, hahaha.. laugh all you can, cos its really funny... if you get it.. haha..

Movies on Saturday night. Pathfinder is a shit movie. Don't watch it or you'll regret it. It has a very weak storyline and very typical. Some scenes do provoke your emotions alittle but all in all it just doesn't make it a good one. All the actors are quite new and the important scenes are short and the unimportant ones are quite draggy. Boring. Cicakman is better. Malaysia Boleh. Anyway after movie, it was the occasional Char Siew Fan stop again (I didn't eat though) and then headed home. At home I watched another movie on DVD haha.. It was The Guardian. Its not the best of its kind but worth mentioning. Stars Kevin Costner (Great acting) and Ashton Kutcher (Great acting because his character is quite easy to portray, a typical american jock kind of character). Very good storyline with sufficient action and talking, the movie is indeed a good watch. Warning, you might be annoyed by Ashton's cocky attitude at the begining of the movie hehe. Ok if there's any spoilers on these two movies, they end here.

Here's some things I found the last time my dad and I cleaned the store room... I found some antic dials, which in my last post I said I'll post the pics.. My mom said those things are useless and meaningless.. haha

really nice dials!

After taking out my braces, camwhore la... let me show you when I first got my treatment up to the day i take it off!

me after no more braces

another camwhore pic LOL

01 Feb 07 (my last appointment)

23/10/97 (my first appointment)


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