Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve 2006

Christmas eve has always been more eventful than Christmas for me :D but this time, I was not feeling very well after dinner haha my stomach was so full of air, I could have drank Eno on the way but I didn't cos I thought it wouldn't be that bad until I had headache sooner after the countdown haha.. but it was all good cos I didn't spend my christmas alone despite the fact that I had an assignment that really needs to be finished.. it was kinda shitty.. >.<>

Merry Christmas!

Here's some pic
Sin Yee, Me and Weng Leong

Same as above

Yue Yun and Me

The group (half): Kah Chun, Yue Yun, Me, Sin Yee, Weng Leong, Peng Keong

The group (other half): Chee Wai, Chuan Zhen, Ting Hui, Yunn Choo, CZ's gf and Yu Qi

Kah Chun, Jamie, Yue Yun, Cheewai Yunn Choo and Ting Hui

The whole group

Christmas Tree in Sunway Hotel

Another group pic

Chee Wai, Yue Yun and Me


Blogger CharSiu said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why did you go to Darrusssssssss haha, anti-Darus here. You should go to Silva right across the road hehe, and eat their masala thosai ^^

Hmm, seems that your night of makan kinda erm...haha, if you don't mind my saying la, cuz I live nearby but that USJ Taipan (correct me if I'm wrong) Victoria Station branch is the worst one evar. I recommend Logenhaus for their fabulous roast chicken set only RM12! Fills up Liang so you know it's good stuff. Or Las Carretas for Mexican food. Or Pizza Uno! The place where you had oven baked chicken, they're famous for their carbonara. Their deep fried chicken also dam nice. All also at Taipan USJ.

Omg this comment is so long and I'm making myself hungry =(

9:38 PM  
Blogger CharSiu said...


Can't resist but to add this.
Windmill is a nice restaurant on the same row as Shakey's Pizza near SJMC, opposite Sheraton Subang. And Pizza vs Satay at USJ 9 Business Centre has fantabulous Satay flavoured pizza.

Ok I'm done. Sorry for spamming XD

*dies from hunger*

9:42 PM  
Blogger Jules said...

Hahahahahahaha! I didn't eat also at darussalam and my friends all didn't like the food there too.. but we're not familiar with all the food there.. and i dunno cos my friend went to the victoria station and thought it was good so we went there lo :D thanks for the advice! the pizza uno is the one last time you liang me and matt makan?

1:23 AM  
Blogger CharSiu said...

Yup yup, that's Pizza Uno =D

Remember: CARBONARA xD

4:30 PM  

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