Thursday, January 04, 2007

In Holiday Mood

Its been a week since I've last posted.. This semester has been a real pain in the ass for me.. Always so busy with assignments. But the last few days of 2006 was well spent. I had a so called holiday despite the fact that the day after I came back from my holiday is my first exam paper. Haha well at least its over now.. The holiday is just around the corner and my last exam paper will be on Sunday afternoon.

2006 has been a good one for me, I'm hoping for a better year 2007, well since my friend told me, if the good one don't go, the better ones can't come in.. :D.. 2007 is going to be a turning point in my life, its the year that I'll start to work already.. Time passed so quickly, just too fast.. anyway it happens all the time.. so nothing much to brag about.. My new year resolution, get my resume done, and start to think about the career that I want to pursue in. Oh yeah and hoping for a Master's Degree in the near future too!

I miss Mlk so much I think its been 3 weeks since I went back to Mlk. Just FYI, three weeks is damn long for me already haha.. I miss hanging out with my buddies in Mlk.. To all of YOUs my friends, you know who you guys are! Oh yeah Styne, I haven't forgotten about the potluck that we planned the other week.. and also hopefully there'll be many monopoly, scrabble, yamcha, Cha Siew Fan, perhaps jamming at Alex's new studio during this holiday. I won't be going for a long holiday this trimester so I have better think of what to do in this 3 whole weeks. Hopefully I can find some part time job.. And oh yeah and to Siuyook, have a safe journer to Australia and hope you have lots of fun over there which I bet u will! :)

Anyway, here's a couple of albums that I really am looking forward to either download or buy their CDs. And I think some of you might like them too.. so do check it out! if you guys have em, please lend them to me! :D

1. Pe'z - Akatsuki (A japanese Jazz band)
2. Clazziquai Project - Color your soul (Korean Classical, Jazz, Groove band)
3. M-flo (Japanese hip hop + jazz band)
4. Ono Lisa (Japanese Jazz + Bosa Nova)
5. Some big band and Swing artists
6. Telepopmusik - Angel Milk (Electronica)
7. Morcheeba

All these artists seriously rocks!


Some photos I taken during my holiday (also my cousin's wedding) in Kuala Terengganu

My family :)

Me and my sis

Sorry, Smashpop, My cousin and I think that your jump is cool too :D

Me, my sis and my cousin, alvin

Me, My superstar cousin and his Gf

My sis, My cousin Sue Ann, Me and Alvin

Alvin, Sherman, me, mom and sis
Me and Alvin

I enjoyed the trip so much!! The beach is damn nice :D Can't wait to go to Redang anytime soon!


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