Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Very First February Update!

It's been more than a month since I've last updated this blog. I was on a 4 weeks break and I did not have the chance to update it because everytime I go to a Cybercafe, I'd end up playing S.W.A.T with my friends :D. This is my last trimester, and I'm really glad that I've almost completed all my subjects that I only have 3 more to go. So that leaves me with plenty of time to do things I want to do but yet to do.

The holiday was well spent (at least thats what I think) with my homies back in mlk. All though all we really did was go yam cha, watch football, go futsal, catch some movies,.. what really mattered to me was the company. Oh and since my parents bought really lots of keropok lekor from KT, I decided to gave my friends a lekor treat during the first few days of my holiday... Because of that,.. I have a very special treat for all YOUs who read my blog! Man the video took me ages to get uploaded in that damn youtube.. anyway enjoy!

Our very own comedian Justyne Ang, who's gonna be more famous than Afdlin and Harith. Although you think there's only enough place for two fat comedians in Malaysia, I'm sure you're gonna be above them. haha

Played alot of futsal, still frequent to the gym, to the basketball court, the field for jogging, some family park also for jogging,... just the same things I'll do wherever I am at. Oh and this holiday is memorable because for 8 fucking years, finally I get to remove those damn braces! Its like being in a fucking prison for my teeth! I guess I really deserve a Guiness Record for wearing braces for the longest time. :D

Oh there's a few things that I learnt from a friend of mine.. Here's a list of what my friend THOUGHT:

1. Jakarta isn't in Indonesia, it is in Johor
2. The Capital state of the US is Texas
3. Paris is in the UK
4. Bears lay egg

Gary, the King of Trivia. Respect.


Oh last night, I watched Stranger Than Fiction. I find it a really really good movie, and Will Ferrell, IMHO acted really well in that show. This show is a comedy but in a different twist and I don't it seems complicated but really easy to comprehend in the end, the message is simple. Its really, honest and very touching, I think its really great, so I'm not gonna spoil it just watch it yourself. Some of you might think its rather absurd but some movies are nice to you because you can easily relate it to yourself. You might think I'm crazy if I could relate myself to a movie like this but I really do. Because I'm an obsessed person as well just that I'm not obsessed with counting.

A few movies I'd like to watch in the theatre with my Homieeez:

1. Spiderman 3
2. Transformers
3. Ghost Riders
4. The Ex
5. I Think I Love My Wife
6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
7. Babel
8. Ocean's Thirteen
9. The Assasination of Jesse James..


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