Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Running as fast as I can, to the middle of nowhere

I bet you guys think that this blog is already dead (quoted from nic's blog). Its funny how time passes so fast... I've already been working for two damn months! So how have everything been for all of you, my friends who I haven't been able to catch up with?

Life has always been the same for me, unexpected and a pain in the ass for me... Sometimes you just can't understand how fucked up people can be to other people.. I experienced it the hard way.. it always help to be richer than others.. Love is not everything, it doesn't help you in anyway. It doesn't keep you warm, it doesn't make u any richer, it doesn't keep u from hunger.. The only love that is worth loving is the "blood is thicker than water" love. So stop wasting your time unless you know its a risk worth taking. The reason i whine here is not because I'm in love with the wrong person or whatsoever.. its about money, its about dealing with untrustworthy people. People who do business unethically.

Work has been great, I have been learning a whole lot of thing about market analysis and research, while getting to know the great people from my working place..The only thing that makes me feel guilty is the food I am eating during lunch hours... My colleagues can't understand my vegetable eating behaviour, and naturally I became the healthiest colleague in my office... haha...

By far, this is the longest period since the last post until now, all because I can't access these distracting-you-from-working websites in office, but nevertheless, we always find ways to bypass these things and trying to find new sites that will allow us to steal the companies bandwiths bla bla.. The next week marks my first week handling real clients.. very intimidating

Somethings that surpises me in the office is that the employee turnover rate is freaking high..
just two months in the company and I've already witnessed 5 employees leaving the company.. haha.. and I freaking paid 15 bucks cos I couldn't resist training in the gym last week.. mahal like fuck.. but no choice, i couldn't fight the addiction..

Anyway some life highlights are : my convocation... some pictures below... and some from the outings with my colleages

My boss, the one who has guided me all the way
and also made fun of me all the way.
Too bad he'll be leaving the company soon

My colleagues, Theresa and Wendy

My family during my convocation

My coursemates, how much i miss uni days..

Steamboat session, with one of my colleagues malcolm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wa, u and ur boss go MAUTZ and makan?
so the food there MAUTZ or not.?
sure maut rite?


2:17 PM  

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