Sunday, August 03, 2008

It takes alot to get home, But its ok when the light is always on

The inevitable... Never expected such an early departure... Well, I only live once... so Que Sera Sera.

The Thank you and Good Bye

The piece of paper which was waiting to be shredded and retired

The Jalangness of the guys.. priceless, really. Thank you all for the great times.
The only demotivation to go into my new company is that I don't have the security of working
with the best people around.. :)

The girls.. Well, the ecosystem needs a balance to work! :D

Dear All,

Today is my last day, A year have already passed me by. Through out my tenure in Nielsen, I have developed the interest in this industry, and will be moving on with other endeavours. I would like to thank all of you for the support, guidance, and feedbacks in work and personal matters. Thanks for the wonderful experience, thank you all for making my first job a fantastic and great one!

Nielsen has set a benchmark not only in the research industry, but for having the greatest people to work with!

A very special note of thanks goes to:-

Teoh: Thank you for the guidance, advice and support you have given on work as well as on life. It is an honour to be under you.

Ling Ling: Thanks for hiring me ;) It has been great working under you, despite my shortcomings, you are patient and forgiving. It is too bad I was only able to work under you for less than half a year.

Nina: Thanks for your guidance and feedbacks in the past 6 months!

All CS: Thanks for being great colleagues to work with, *wishing* my new colleagues are as nice! To the guys: Thanks for the 'priceless moments'... And the girls, you all missed out the fun the guys had :P (I could go on, but do not want to break Kush's longest farewell email record)

Halmi, Chang, Huei Chien, Sandra, See Wai, Ju Peng, Yin Yee, Ying Ying, Weng Yeng and Tatt Wee: Thanks for your extensive help and sorry for all the trouble.. at the end of the day, its all in the good spirit of work! :)

Last but not least...I wish you all well in all your future undertakings. Please keep in touch, my e-mail and contact details as follows. Thank you and I hope our paths will cross again.


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