Monday, August 14, 2006

the beauty and ugliness of MMU cyber

The sucky things u'll notice if u study in MMU (Cyberjaya)

12. Cyberia Mamak dirty like fuck! fucking potong sayur sebelah longkang only!
11. Juniors fucking no lenglui sial! Losers!
10. They stopped supplying Free The Star Newspaper
Reason: Afraid of harming the campus's newspaper business
9. When you shut down the computers in the labs or classrooms the message on the monitor states "It is now safe to turn off your computer" (in black and words in brown)
8. The toilet fucking "Rosak" for more than one year but not repaired yet
7. Lift slow like tortoise.
6. Some Indian lecturers speak with super kao accent and mispronounce Microwave oven as Michael owen. Some pelat until say "Once you-pawn a time" (once upon a time).
5. Shitty lecturers will tell you your cgpa of 3.6 is still too low.
4. If you are a girl, if ur cgpa lower than 3.2 Dr A will ask u to go back and become a housewife.
3. If you register on time, all slots also full. FUCKING FAKE!
2. Tao Cafe fucking smelly.. smelly like shit.

The Good things u'll notice if u study in MMU (Cyberjaya)

10. You can eat free in FCM cafe and they don't notice u didnt pay
9. At least u still get free The Sun Newspaper
8. The lecturer don't give a fuck if u conteng the table
7. Good lenient lecturers will tell you "pass is good enough la, no need score" (P. Teoh)
6. If you're lucky one lecturer will give u a 100% accurate tips and ensure ur grades are A. (I'm not sure if he is still in MMU after the admin found out.)
5. Dengkil bakuteh damn nice
4. No jam
3. Still got many trees not a concrete jungle (haha)
2. Got bus strait go 1u hahaha
1. I Friday No Class! Fucking RULE!

As you can see the things i post here quite lame but true la to some extent. anyway, FYI do not be misleaded by the numbers these are random entries not ranked.


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