Saturday, September 30, 2006

Movies from the past

My ranking of my top fave movies of all time! (in no particular order!)

1. Big (1988). One movie that almost made me cry when I watched it. Although I only watched it once when I guess I was about 11 or so, I'll never forget this movie because this movie captures the innosence of youth beautifully. Starring Tom Hanks, this is one movie about a kid who wished he was an adult and he became one the next day. Definitely a must watch retro movie.

2. It (1990). The movie that haunted every 80's children's sleepless nights.. truly memorable. the movie that every 10 or 11 kids watched on TV2 on a two episode run of the movie hehe.. the scariest show that was on tv in the early nineties. I'll never forget it.. watched it twice last year when someone shared it on the intranet in hostel.

3. Alan and Eric Between Hello and Goodbye (Seung Sing Gusi) (1991). Acted by Alan Tam and Eric Tsang, this movie is the most western Hong Kong movies I've ever seen, the movie is slightly dark due to the fact that most Hong Kong 80's movies are filmed in such quality. However, this movie is really touching, romantic and it revolves around the friendship and love of 3 persons (eric, alan and maggie cheung).

4. The Indian In The Cupboard (1995). I watched this movie with my parents when Laser Disc was still the only thing that provided the best sound and visual at that time.. haha.. This is another touching kid movie that I have loved because it was so magical.. one day a boy puts a plastic figurine of an indian warrior given by his grandma, it turns into a real indian..

5. The Green Mile (1999). The Green Mile is a masterwork. This is film as art, at it's very best. The depth of the cast is extraordinary, with all of the players delivering excellent performances. There is a clear sense here that all involved in the production knew that this was something special, and gave it their all. See this film if you truly enjoy actors giving everything to their craft. Watch for the countless subtleties of expression, and the great power that the cast creates with silence. This is evident in the opening sequence and remains throughout. Above all, Michael Duncan as John Coffey is exceptional. He brings gripping emotion to a unique, fascinating character. This movie brings you laughter, joy, and most of all, tears.

6. Big Fish (2003). An adventure as big as life itself, this story tells us about the exagerating stories Ed Bloom (Jude Law) told his son, in which his son grew bored and tired of listening to stories that he wasn't sure were real but soon found out that the stories turned out to be true but just in a eccentric manner. Very artistic and full of meaning.

7. Bicentennial Man (1999). Another movie that made me cry, another movie I watched with my parents, and another movie I watched on LD haha. This story is about a 200 years journey of becoming a human. Robin Williams played a robot maid who's capabilities were improved in his life from a robot into a perfect human being. All his life, he wants to feel what it is like to be a human, and in the end he realized that well, things change, things always change. People move on. It's as it should be. But, what he realized today is that he'll never stop missing them.

8. Fight Club (1999). All time favourite! Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are two of the best actors in the world.. Fighting is the new pink and fighting is the new therapy. No one talks about fight club and always remember the 8 rules. Today's assignment: Project Mayhem. Listed in the 250 best movies ever made in the world, I consider this dark movie, funny, thrilling, scary, sad, angry and the need to punch and to be punch, so tempting.

9. Nothing to Lose (1997). A comedy starring Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence, this story talks about Tim Robbins who saw his boss fucking his wife, and he kind of gave his life up and met Martin Lawrence who was trying to rob him. He gradually turned into a robber just like Lawrence and they both end up in really funny and dangerous adventures. Lawrence's character has a tragic life, he had tertiary education background but due to some issues he isn't employed and has to rob to earn a living. Robbins was really angry, towards the end he found out that it wasn't his wife that his boss fucked, and he has to erase everything he secretly did to insult his boss. Definitely worth watching.

10. Finding Forrester (2000). Jamal Wallace is a star basketball player in his neighborhood, and unbeknownst to his peers, he also has a gift for writing. The acceptance he needs from his friends, however, that need to `fit in,' is derived from playing ball; yet his heart is in his writing. But he knows that within the limited confines of his environs his skill with the written word means next to nothing in regards to his future, and he sees basketball as the only viable means of doing anything worthwhile with his life. That is, until one day circumstances bring him into contact with William Forrester (Sean Connery); and it's an encounter that ultimately changes the direction of his life forever.

11. The Green Mile (1999). Oh I think this movie is famous enough for me to not mention what's it about. I watched this movie for 3 times and everytime I watch it I'd feel like crying and damn freaking wish I could bash up all the baddies in the show.. haha.. a sad but beautiful ending.. a movie that will never fail in my list of top movies.

12. Dragon The Bruce Lee Story (1993). Jason Scott Lee plays Bruce Lee and the movie tells us the story of the legendary Bruce Lee from the day he was born, his teenage years in US, his battle with his spiritual fear, his illness, his acting career, his martial arts histories and finally his death. A good show I'd say, though not the best.

13. Snake In The Eagle's Shadow (1978). I can still remember watching this movie when I was standard 5 on a Sunday afternoon after lunch with my dad. This movie is funny, sad, entertaining and action packed. But a little old school and very typical make-you-angry-kaw-kaw-and-then-release-all-the-anger-to-the-people-who-bullied-you-earlier kind of movie. Anyway any Jackie's old show are fine with me.

14. Bill And Ted: Excellent Adventure (1988) and Bogus Adventure (1990). Both of these movies are one of my childhood favourite, starring Keanu Reeves. You'd never expect him in these movies haha. Anyway I've been a big fan of the cartoon and I've been dying to find a partner when I was in primary school who could play the air guitar with me haha. I wish I had the phone booth so I could change things that I wanted to.

15. Last But Not Least Click (2006). Guess I really don't have to write anything here right? haha this movie made me almost cry.

I love all Owen Wilson, Adam Sandler, Jackie Chan, Brad Pitt movies but listed here are the best movies I have ever seen that are memorable enough for me to mention their titles here. And by the way the movies I stated here are movies that are already 10+ years old except for click.

I should be studying now, and I will after I post this one! haha.. Anyway Exams are such a drag! Why do they wanna have exams anyway?? having exams mean that students are merely memorizing and just spill out everything from the books to the papers = not learning anything. Just memorizing. They should emphasize more on assignments and allocate about 70% on assignments! haha.. What I said are partly true, and the real fact is, I've started my studies really last minute and this thought came to me to prove that ''its my fault, I shouldn't be this lazy in the first place'' so I guess no point having sympathy on me, if you're feeling me already. Chiaoz, hope my post could remind you of the movies of your younger days.


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You posted Green Mile twice la sayang. Blur!

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