Monday, October 02, 2006

Kena Tag!

I like to think that i'm strong.
I think I'm ugly and weak sometimes.
I have many veins.
I sweat easily.
I have friends who have never known my 20year old pillow.
I have braces for 6 six years and still counting.
I wear black almost all of the time

I wear a Guess watch.

I like wearing cool hats.

I think my forehead is too small.

I have 2 piercings, my ear and they are both enlarged

Family/Home Life
I've never sworn at my parents.

I hit my sisters back and made her cry before.

My biological parents are together.

I became the sister and my sister became my brother before

I want to have kids someday.

I'm in university of multimedia.
I've got my ass caned in public.
I seldom/never do my homework.

I LOVE art.

I can draw portraits.

I've never been the smartest in my school, class, or family.

I don't see myself being a 4flat student anytime soon too.

Within the last 2 years I have not failed.
I've skipped class too many times.

Titanic still and will always make me puke. Just for the record Fuck James Cameron
I've purposely snorted while laughing to annoy people.
I've laughed so hard I almost die of breathlessness
I've stucked my finger into a hole where 4 people had to help me get it out.

I fall down while climbing up stairs ALL the time.

I've sang like nobody's business although I'm tone-deaf and deftones

My saliva drools without myself knowing it sometimes ALWAYS.

I can play with my saliva like a yo-yo

I can move my vains on my right hand.

I've had my pants rip in public and have to kepit my pants with my legs and walk like a model

I've shat in my pants in primary school too embarassing to tell which year

I'm gonna be on a plane.
I've been to Cyberjaya.
I'm going to Singapore, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam all at a go.
I've not been to Langkawi.
I've celebrated New Year's Eve at home.
I've never seen a real turtle.

I wanna see Angkor Wat

I wanna know how the Uk's air like

I hope to go overseas with my family :)

I've gotten lost in MP and Jusco and cried.
I've seen a shooting star but no one believed me.
I hope I wished on a shooting star cos its just too fast to think what I wanted.
I've never seen a meteor shower.
I've gone out in public in my pajamas without my underwear!.
I've pushed all the buttons on an elevator and got screwed by the operator.

I've been in an accident so bad my car looked like a boat.

I've kicked a guy and got kicked back so bad I cried so damn loud.
I've played the bottle cap game in primary school.

I take dares. for money. I'd eat the bone on the next table for fucking 500 bucks.

I've crashed a car.
I've played about 15 gigs in my life.
I've confessed to someone in the internet.
I'm vegetarian in the weekdays and only take meat in the weekends

I almost got into a drama as a best man

I've starred in a music video clip before.

I'm not in a relationship.
I miss my mommy and daddddy right now.
I have a fear of commitment. Absolutely.
I have a fear of losing my parents.
I've felt sad that my best friends aren't my best friends anymore.
I've told the person I don't love em if I don't. I just don't give a fuck about how she feels. If I did I would have to live with her all my life!

I've been cheated to sleep on a same bed a person of the same sex.

I've made out.

I've been playing with my self since 7


I'm good at lying when its just for fun

I've done something I promised someone else I wouldn't.
I've not done something I promised myself I would.
I've never snuck out of my house. My parents trust me.
I have lied to my parents about where I am.
I am keeping a secret from the world. for my friend.
I've cheated while playing video games. ALL THE TIME.
I've cheated on ALL THE MID TERMS

I've stolen food before.

I've consumed alcohol. but I don't like it.It makes me fat!

I dont want to drink alcohol anymore.
I can't/ never, won't swallow pills.

I'll never smoke pot, cigarette, weed etc

I'm anorexic or bulimic. according to nic
I've not slept in the afternoon for quite some time already.

I feel like I need a terapist at times.

Death and Suicide
I'm afraid of dying. but sometimes feel like dying
I hate funerals cos have to listen to the taoist chanting.
I've seen someone dying. yeah. my grandparents.
Someone close to me has died. yeah

I own about 3 Beyond Cassettes, 2 CDs, and 3 VCDs.
I have my own electric guitar.
I used to have a digi cam

I own a Nike Dunk Ltd Edition.
I have 8 pairs of levi's jeans all bought with my own money.
I used to collect basketball cards.
I don't own a BMW.
I hope I have a Digital SLR now.
I own many shirts from FOS. cos only Jerks Buy Expensive Shirts.

Political/Social Attitudes
I'm pro Malaysia.
I'm not really a political person.
I think Tun Mahathir was the best thing that has ever happened to Malaysia. And I fuck all you people who hate him! Fuck all of you who thinks proton is a national failure. Fuck all of yous! Fuck!
I secretly hate Singapore.
I am for Mahathir and Malaysia.
I'm hardly religious.
Im not a social person offline, I am more social online

I've cleaned ketchup bottles' lips with my dirty thumbs in Shakey's.
Im quiet with new friends.
I love to listen to the sound of the rain.
I squish ants. cos i think they can find their food at other's place.
I love listening to songs alone in the car
I love watching movie with my headphone so I can blast as loud as I want
I like to read while I shit
I was a night person. I am a morning person now.
I used to hack to a porn site.
I wish I can be good in soccer and rugby and tennis.
I fuuuccckkkiiinnnggg hate being messy and messy people.
I think I cook well.
I feel people are stupid cos they aren't listening to me
I laugh at my own jokes when people don't
I don't eat fast food anymore.
I believe in ghosts.
I am online 24/7
I can't sleep if there is a cockcroach in the room.
I love vegetables except bitter gourd
I bite my nails.
I play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.
I'm terrible at remembering names.
I'm even worst at remembering dates. I hate to say this, but I don't even remember my mom's birthday, don't even fucking expect I remember yours Fool!

I know what I want to do in some part of my life and I'm realizing it. Cos I live for a reason.


Blogger aya* said...

im starting to love this tag!! XD

i wanna noe ur pillow. XD nothing personal. SAJER. i'll introduce my bunny to it too.
i wanna noe how ur finger got stuck ina hole.

and yay for saliva drooling everywhere! i think its a braces-person-trait =P

and wat music clip did u star in ??? u dancing behind?

and Tun Mahathir !!

dats alot of facts ive never known about you. thanks for layaning my super long tag!

10:04 AM  
Blogger Jules said...

haha no problem... i starred as watak utama la in a video.. haha but FCM video la.. my pillow is 20 years old wor.. and tun mahathir is the man!

I like to layan tags rather than study

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Healthy young guy!

Fucking messy=dislike dirty BUT Bites ur nails=Dirty *rolling eyes*


11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tis is the funniest tag ever
darn..ur duper metro! lol
good on ya :P

11:52 PM  
Blogger Jules said...

hehe super metro eh.. haha
I bite my nails.. but it doesnt make me look messy hehehe

1:20 AM  

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