Sunday, September 30, 2007

Change of Concept.

Once upon a time... there were 2 sad kids who had to play lantern by themselves on the very night of mooncake festival..

A kid with two tanglungs is a happy kid.

The bird that i aimed at hallmark :)
damn cute right.. can style the hair pulak tu.
value added

Sis's 25th birthday! already been more than a year
since i started this blog.

All that I wanted is just to act in a Donnie Yen movie.. Daymn!
Pls tell me if u have any lubang.. porn star also can.. I can tattoo barbed wire
on my biceps.. :D

Farewell to my mentor, Daniel.

Group Photo.

How you like that? My bizzare collection. You like to collect stamps?
You like to collect coins? You need a life.. you have unspecial hobbies.. Buzz off!

Im proud of you the most!

Rest in Piece, Kallavali Sethu... We salute you for your last office CS.


Anonymous jas said...

i am jealous of you! you got to play tanglung!!! i miss those days....:(

10:33 AM  
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