Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sarah Tan On Plan B!!!

You can never be much more refreshed and re-energized than when you look at Sarah Tan.. She's just so fine you wonder how did her parents ever brought her up.. Anyway I saw her recently in Plan B (a Men's Magazine), sitting beside the latest Men's Health I was reading in the mini mart near my apartment. She's so much sweeter than Aspartame, and she's the prettiest thing in the planet.. haha ok enough of that.. Anyway she's been in Channel [V] for four years already and she has never never let my friends down before, and Channel [V] has never been better eversince she came.. oh yeah she came when Vj Amanda, Cindy, and one more I can't recall her name but I guess she's the most famous one compared to the others..

Anyway She looked so damn fine in this month's Plan B so I guess its worth buying it.. I didn't know she's 26 until I read about her in the magazine cos she looks like probably 21 or 22.. Anyway, I guess she used to be a model before this.. this is the first time I notice this magazine (because of Sarah, haha), but I think its kinda cool cos it presents insights and opinions about every facet of the modern, thinking Malaysian man, on sexy woman, talks about some successful man (how to be, haha), entertainment stuffs, books, music, movies, gaming, motoring, technology, sports (of course!!), style and interesting products and gadgets updates. I'd say its another Men's Entertainment cum Fashion magazine but everyone's getting bored of FHM already right?? Plus Plan B's has very very sexy shots of Sarah Tan.. I'm not gonna be selfish cos I'll share them with all YOUs who think she's hott!

Its too long

Damn Seducing la..
I like some pervert man,.. haha.. I'm not anyway. =P


Blogger Radicalz said...

i quote "Damn Seducing la..
I like some pervert man,.. haha.. I'm not anyway. =P"

u like some pervert man or u're like some pervert man?? =)) LOL!!

7:54 AM  

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