Sunday, November 12, 2006

22/10 - 25/10 Chiang Mai

We reached Chiang Mai via train from ropburi and we arrived in chiang mai around 10 smth (22/10). About 5 minutes after coming down, we were welcomed by May, Sean's another friend haha who stays in Chiang Mai. Anyway here's a few pics of the train we were in:-

The toilet that I peed in leads to the track.
So if you can, please avoid crossing the train tracks haha.

It isn't as new as KTM's train but its really ok.

May's sister drove their pick up truck and brought us to our hotel Huay Kaew its kind of like a 2 star hotel.. I think.. RM50 per night.. shared by four of us so its about RM13 per night. Then after that she brought us for lunch at a nearby house-cum-cafe-restaurant which served western and traditional food. One thing about ChiangMai this time of the year is that its really cooling and windy so its really hard to sweat when we were there.. then after lunch we went to a orang asli village up the mountain in Chiang Mai.. So we went to the village where all the orang aslis live and they sell goods made from their village for a living and the place is just amazingly beautiful and magical.. The place is super clean and cooling and the water in the pond is as cold as ice.. and they have a very nice natural waterfall.. and the old man there all damn marksman.. they normally play shoot the fruit game.. haha they got some self made crossbow and they shoot at some coconut. Then the people there mostly are very fair and much more beautiful and the weather is like Genting.. damn nice.. Then after the short visit we went further up to a temple and then just walked around. From the temple, we were able to overlook the whole Chiang Mai (and the number of buildings in Chiangmai is more than all the buildings we have in Peninsular Malaysia.. ok I exagerrated alot.. haha) then there are children wearing traditional costumes walking around waiting for people to take photo with them (you need to pay them).. then when we've done our sight seeing, May sent us to a night market near our hotel. The night market is so damn big you'll get lost. Then there are many performers around la.. some quite kesian cos some are blind but they play music to earn some money whereas some play just for the fun of it and some are really good and some are really muka tebal.. cos they play not say nice but still wanna tayang.. haha.. some really tak laku la.. then there's this guy.. he owned everyone... cos the fler asked for money in a very unique way,.. by pretending to be a mannequin.. terer sial.. anyway check out the pics..

Chiang Mai from the top of the mountain

The kid from the orang asli village

Something meaningful I saw in the temple..

Mr Ho posing with the bells in the temple

May and her sis in the village

Sean and Boon Chin at the village

At Wawee Coffee (Their Coffee Chain Cafe)

This is really candid (at the temple)

The guy that owned us.

Next day, May brought us for lunch at some gerai that serves chicken rice and those normal stuff la.. then we headed to the orchid farm and the botanical garden.. nothing really much there but I enjoyed the weather and the naturalness of the places haha. Then we went to Elephant Camp.. There are sooo many elephants there and that place seriously stinks like hell hahaha.. They sell bananas and sugar cane as elephant food. Sean bought a bunch of bananas and a bunch of Sugar cane and fed one of the elephant. The elephants there were trained to greet and thank people, so when they shake their heads, it means hello. and when they blow their trunks it means Thank you. The elephant was so tahnkful to Sean for the food so it blew its trunk so hard that some saliva got onto Seans hands.. haha,., end up kena rashes for days,... haha.. Anyway because of the excess food the elephants kept shitting only.. that explains why the place fucking busuk.. haha.. While we were there, all of us felt sleepy.. I suspect that smelling too much elephant shit will cause drowsiness.. Then there was an elephant show which was super entertaining and the elephants damn smart and disciplined. They can even paint pictures! After the show we went for lunch at a restaurant in the camp itself.. then after that we toured around a little before walking back to the car.. while walking back we walked pass a pond where the villagers bathe and clean the elephants. So just like humans, when elephants mandi, they'll also shit.. so they just shit and piss in the pond.. manatau when we walked back,.. we saw kids mandi and main main inside the pond.. haha.. sure kena rashes kaw kaw one.. Here are some pics.. :-

Botanical Garden

At the botanical Garden

This is how elephants lepak.

The next day we didn't wake up early cos May has classes and so we woke up late haha. But we woke up around 11 something and we went to May's uni which is CMU (Chiang Mai University) and toured around the campus and libraries. The campus is quite big bigger than MMU and one thing.. their uniform like our secondary school .. haha.. but some chicks quite hot but quite alot of pondan also.. hahaha.. The food there is damn cheap.. chicken rice for RM1 smth.. how cheap is that? heheh.. Then after that we went to Central shopping centre and just walk walk around la until night.. then Me n Weng Leong went home early cos we were tired.. then we went back to our hotel then get our self cleaned and all manatau the toilet stuck.. WL shit but couldn't flush.. I had stomach ache so I had to bare with the smell and disgustingness.. so in the end.. his shit and some tissues and my shit couldn't be flushed away hahahaha. Bt just like always, Sean always succeeds to save the day.. haha he unjammed the toilet in his magical ways.. hahaha..

The supersized Motorola V3i

A nearby temple


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