Monday, October 09, 2006

Tagged! again

As tagged by Charsiu~

3 hobbies:
.. Draw
.. Working out
.. Playing the guitar

3 on your to-do list:
.. Study for 2 more paper
.. get a backpack
.. settle everything regarding the trip

3 unique traits:
.. perfectionist
.. stupid
.. blurness

3 favourite games:
.. Monopoly! (with my buddies in mlk)
.. GTA: San Andreas
.. Smackdown!

3 fav drinks:
.. Chinese tea (Good quality ones)
.. Barley
.. Limau ais

3 passions:
.. music
.. body building
.. art

3 awesome movies:
.. Fight Club
.. Big
.. Seung Sing Gu Si

3 good bands:
.. Trivium
.. Avenged Sevenfold
.. RedHot Chilli Peppers

3 things you're anal about:
.. Laziness
.. Cleanliness
.. Ignorance

3 random (wo)men:
.. Mommy
.. Sister
.. Yue Yun

3 bad habits:
.. Procrastination
.. Calculativeness
.. Cursing

3 relationship essentials:
.. N/A
.. N/A
.. N/A
Just for the record, fuck relationships

3 painful experiences:
.. got my last toe to hurt so badly
.. got my fingers slammed by a car door
.. got caned on the ass in public

3 treasured memories:
.. secondary school days
.. had the first crush
.. when i used to jump in between my parents and wake them up on a sunday morning

3 fav holiday destinations:
.. Tokyo
.. Nurburgring
.. anywhere with family

3 goals before 30:
.. obtain an MPhil
.. to have travelled to at least 15 different countries
.. to still visit my mom's family during CNY in Klang

3 biggest fears:
.. losing sight of my passion (fitness)
.. Cockcroach!!!
.. Not being single (ROTFLOL)

3 favourite desserts:
.. ang tau chui
.. Mat Tou Lou
.. Waffles with whatever

3 people to tag:
.. Victor
.. Yi Chang
.. Styne

2 more days, two more papers before the end of this trimester.. I'll be on my way to my first biggest trip in my life. Many obstacles appeared and some are not overcome yet. Hope everything goes fine. Hmm.. happy holidays to those who are gonna have their holidays and an early Selamat Hari Raya to all those muslims out there. (I guess this may be one of the last entries before November so I'd like to wish them first haha.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"when i used to jump in between my parents and wake them up on a sunday morning"

AWWWWWW... lol!

3:36 PM  
Blogger Jules said...


7:57 PM  
Blogger aya* said...

wheres nurbungring??

and when u leaving for ur ekspedisi? careful yaaa take care! and hav fun! :)

3:12 AM  
Blogger Jules said...

16 lo... thanks.. i'll hav fun :D

4:33 AM  

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