Sunday, November 05, 2006

Checklist Nov 06

A new trimester, a new beginning, end of a fabulous vacation. I'm glad that I've spent the holidays with so much joy and enthusiasm, and I've enjoyed every bit of the holiday. Well at least I've done some of the things on my wish list.

Here's a few hits and misses on my wish list

1. Had enough money to go on my vacation, courtesy of myself, sis and mom and dad.
2. Tank tops
3. A cake for my sis's birthday

1. A new guitar (I guess I'll just repair mine and stick to Lenard's Les Paul)
2. Jeans (I'll buy it very much later..)
3. Buckled Belt (I saw many nice ones in Bangkok but didn't buy in the end)
4. Suit (I guess I'm destined not to be rich enough to buy one)
5. Handpone (No money!)
6. 512mb ram (Soon I guess!)

Well, at least I've got 3 hits on my list. At the moment, that'll be good enough. I still have debts to pay to Sean, Lenard and Weng Leong. Hmm.. guess I'll still have to starve like I did last time haha.. Money's a freaking problem to me.

If anyone of you would wanna go for a vacation, I'd say, go for a backpacking trip. It will be fun and incredible... you'll love it.. this trip has changed my perception of travelling and I'll definitely be backpacking again sometime later. I don't really like Singapore,.. I don't know why but I just don't really like it there... not a fancy place to visit to. Bangkok is great, especially Khao San Road heheh, unfortunately we didn't make it to Siam Paragon. After walking into MBK, I still feel proud of the shopping malls in KL haha. Ropburi, is pretty much like another town, nothing very special just a living estate area, not much of tourist attraction, but there were some interesting sight seeings. Chiang Mai is the best place I've been so far, very relaxed, laid back, many things to see, eat and buy, just love it. I'll go there again someday.. I hated Hanoi when I frist stepped into the Old Quarters, too noisy, too busy, very old fashioned, no entertainment, sucky food.. but thats where we spent most of our time exploring and learned many things about Hanoi, a few misadventures, but we knew each other more in Hanoi. I hated Hanoi, but ironically, I miss Hanoi the most.. :) I don't know why.

Today marks the first day of the 2nd trimester and my classes are going to start on Wednesday, no classes on Mon and Tue. Hope I'll land myself a part time job.. (anyone has any recommendations?) I'd like to work to get enough monies to backpack again heheh! Oh Ryan Star will be coming to Malaysia (Zouk) this coming 16 Nov, and I'm proud to say that I'll be going for the gig with my friends! A new trimester and many overdued bills! I'll post more about my experiences in the places I've gone to in the next posts!


Blogger aya* said...

kopi bean =P

next time try to go 4X4 driving trip. very challenging also. and cheap =x. went with my family... 1 person.. plus minus... 600. but den we drove dere la. dats y cheap.

6:43 AM  
Blogger Jules said...

go where 4x4??

10:39 AM  
Blogger aya* said...

dey alwiz got trips around .. somewhere near malaysia 1. got further ones la. last time dey went cambodia. but since its driving, tiring la. its camping and stuff liddat 1

2:02 AM  

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