Monday, November 06, 2006

18/10 - 20/10 Bangkok

We flew via Tiger Airways (A new singapore budget airlines, in case you don't know) and it took us about 1 hr 45 mins and reached Bangkok at 2.15 (Malaysia time 3.15). We landed on the new airport in Bangkok, called Suvarnabhumi. As soon as we got out of the airport we got onto an airport taxi and got ourselves to Khao San road, it took us about 30-45 minutes. Bangkok is a concrete jungle.. almost no more trees in that city anymore but the older buildings aren't maintained so it looks really messy and dirty. As soon as we reached the area we were supposed to be, the driver wasn't really sure where the place was cos we gave him the hotel(actually its a backpackers lodge) called Marcopolo hostel located in Khao San road. The driver was really polite and courteous. He wasn't sure he even walked around to ask people around for the place. Thai people are really nice people. No doubt about that. As soon as we checked in, we walked around Khao San road and its something like Jonker Street but more brightly lit and much more merrier. Here's some shots taken in Khao San

Khao San Road at night, with all the light boards

The Insects that we have tried

Live prawns with onions, lemongrass, spring onions, basil leaves, mint leaves, fish sauce, and lime juice.
Me eating some live shrimps!

Oh and after all those delicious food, we went for a half hour massage for only RM10. hehe.. wasn't that good but its ok, and its clean with good service. I mean the clean service eh.. nothing suspicious ok and we have our clothes on. We went for a short walk and then back to our hotel and slept.

19/10 we woke up early about 7.30 and we had our breakfast at a cafe that serves western and thai food, called Silk Bar. then after breakfast we wanted to go to the Grand Palace and the Declining Buddha but according to a smart and honest looking man, it was closed for the King's prayers.. He looked so innocent and nice so we believed him la.,.. it turned out that, we could go for a boat ride along the chao phraya river in order to kill some time. The freaking boat ride took about an hour and cost RM40.. we got rippppppped off for the first time. Anyway it is not relevant if I tarnish the Thais image because of one person who cheated us (like Readers Digest who rated us one of the most unfriendly people, don't conclude based on an irrelevant set of sample!). Anyway the boatride was almost a waste of money, but it did bring us to Wat Pho another tourist attraction area. I believe all the kuai los that we see there were tricked, thats why they ended in Wat Pho haha. After that we got on another boat ride which only costed us 40sen to cross the river (one lady asked for a freaking RM10!) anyway the tourist police told us not to believe anyone offering help or so. He said no one is that kind, they just want business and he led us to the 40 sen boat to get us to the Grand Palace. Finally we got to the Grand Palace, man its beautiful,.. everything is gold plated (not real gold la) but its shining bright! We didnt' go to the declining Buddha cos its getting late and we were reluctant to spend anymore money on these tourist areas. Then we headed to a shoppng mall called MBK but we didn't make it to Siam Paragon.. after a few hours window shopping, we had our lunch and finally met Ann who brought us to the Night bazaar for a walk and dinner. Night Bazaar is like errmm... a few roads of shops selling souvenirs and clothes (local street designer clothes, the designer there are good! I only buy cheap t-shirts by local designers cos only FUCKING JERKS WEAR EXPENSIVE T-SHIRTS). Here's some picture:

The lotus in The Grand Palace

Wat Pho

The Grand Palace

Dinner in Night Bazaar
(l-r) Sean, Boon Chin, Nui (I dunno how to spell ;)), Anne, Weng Leong, Me

Me, who seldom smile (Candid shot)

Weng Leong and Me on the boat ride (rip off, it feels like sitting on a boatride in the Melaka river).
Breakfast @ the Silk Cafe

We checked into another hotel (Niran Grand Hotel) somewhere around town and somewhere near Anne's place. Its a 3-star hotel standard I'd say and it only costed us RM50 per room so I shared a room with Weng Leong so we paid 25 bucks per person. We woke up even earlier the next morning cos Anne will be bringing us to Ropburi (pronounce as Lopuli~ in manja Thai tone). So we checked out in the morning and hopped onto her car and off we go!


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