Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ryan Star Rocking the Set

Hey any fan of Rockstar Supernova? I'm a fan although I don't get to watch the show cos I don't have Astro haha! But I've been following the show eversince Rockstar INXS and I think JD Fortune is really talented and has rockstar appeal. However I personally think that Marty Casey and the Love Hammers has nicer songs and I seriously love their album especially the song Trees. Anyway the reason I was quite excited when Rockstar Supernova appeared was because Jason Newsted was in it (Metallica's ex-bassist) and Tommy Lee is in it! So I was quite excited when the season started off..

Anyway this is just for Rock fans, no offence but people who don't listen to rock I guess you wouldn't even know what the hell Rockstar Supernova is. Supernova is a new band formed by tommy lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke. Oh by the way Gilby used to be the guitarist in Guns and Roses. So I guess Rockstar Supernova is totally star studded! The winner of this season is Lukas Rossi so he gets to sing for Supernova who currently has no vocalist until someone wins this season. I'm still wondering which band will be featured in the next season?

Anyway my highlight here tonight is: *Drum rolls* *Crashed the Chinese Symbals* Ryan Star! He ain't no winner on the final night but he happens to be one of the viewers favourite rocker (including me).. I like his cover of Goo Goo Dolls' Iris and Coldplay's Clocks. He sings with energy and feeling so although he screams all the time he still sounded good during his performances. I'd say his style is quite similar to Marty Casey's but I can't compare cos I like both artists. haha.

Ryan Star's story is one inspiring story. He has been playing the guitar since he was like 12 and he was self taught to play songs that he listened when he was younger like simon and garfunkle, joni, bla bla bla all the old school artistes.. He started a band when he was 14 with his classmates and like people always say, the rest is history. They were good enough to land themselves gigs in popular places in New York and the best thing was Madonna has confidence in them and offered them a record label deal and later on they came out with a few albums. They were called "Stage" but have been disbanded earlier before Ryan joined Rockstar Supernova. He didn't win but this competition has snowballed his popularity to stardom and now he's out with his new album Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant.

Now, I guess you guys are wondering why am I blogging about him?? The reason will be revealed now.. Cos Ryan is coming to Zouk KL this 16 of Nov! Andd I'mmm Goooiinnnngg.. hoho.. Seriously any rockstar fan, should try and listen to his songs.. anyway here's a list of the songs that is in his 2005 album:

1. We Might Fall
2. So Ordinary
3. Famous Love
4. Losing Your Memory
5. Psycho Suicidal Girls
6. “O”
7. The Back Of Your Car
8. Saw You In Heaven
9. The Same When I’m Alone
10. Dance With You
11. Sink Or Swim
12. Perfect
13. Famous Yet
14. The First Time Waiting
15. For Love Here Son
16. Take A Ride With Me
17. The Fairy Tale
18. The One You Know
19. Lullaby Suicide

I'd say check out his songs! you won't regret it.. Oh and if any of you are interested in going.. just check this poster out! If you can see, its stated:

"To win exclusive party passes log on to:

Oh so sorry I couldn't get any bigger picture cos this is the best blogspot can do.. haha
Here are some pics of Ryan in case you're still unsure..

So here you are! Ryan Star the upcoming superstar thats gonna rock the house loud!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why ryan star!!
i WANT toby rand!!

2:31 AM  
Blogger Glowie said...

so very cool that he is coming out there! I saw him in Cleveland last night and will see him in Edinboro tonight. Have a great time. Make sure you update.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Jules said...

heheh.. cool! i think he has a great voice and he's a cool guy! i'll update!

7:02 AM  

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