Sunday, November 05, 2006

Singapore 17/10-18/10

We took a train from KL Central to Singapore at 10pm (16 Nov) and we only reached Woodlands around 8am and reached the Station around 10am (about 13 hours, Whew!). Its a long trip but its much better than taking the bus cos its an overnight train, meaning you can sleep in the train. So it ain't as tiring as sitting in the bus for 6-7 hours although a shorter journey. There's toilet, and a few decks away is the canteen. So if you're hungry or anything you can go to the cafeteria and get some sandwiches or noodles.

Camwhoring in the train haha

A view of the deck that I was in

We reached Singapore at Tanjung Pagar Station and we took a Cab to Clementi MRT station where Sean's Foster father came to pick us up and brought us to breakfast in Bukit Timah Food court. Later he sent us back to his house in Dover. He lives in a terrace house, something that you don't see everywhere in Singapore. Well, according to Tu Son, that's the place where rich people stay. After settling down for awhile, we rush to Dover MRT station and headed to Potong Pasir to meet Boon Chin's family (sister going for Registration of Marriage). Singapore not nice to me, too crowded, people too rushing for everything, and totally against people studying in McD! (no offence to Styne and Liang, you guys go there because of food actually, right? right? haha). I dunno, but I just don't like it there, cos first of all, they ain't that original and everything so expensive. But people there are ok they are not rude at all.. so its kind of balanced in my opinion.

The restaurant which I had my dinner

Then we headed to the ROM and then lepak and do nothing lo haha and wait only, Register marriage in Singapore is like doing IC in Malaysia, damn formal and like must wait for number and all,.. unlike in Malaysia, can go temple to register, senang only. Then me and Weng Leong headed of to Raffles Centre, cos that's the nearest MRT station around. Fuck, the freaking taxi damn ex.. my SGD25 almost gone d.. Singapore taxis are damn weird.. Singapore dah la kecil macam semut, summore got GPS.. tak kena sial.. anyway we reached Raffles Centre, something like Star Hill Gallery or whatever they call it la.. then I went into their Adidas shop and tengok tengok, all chunted stuff limited edition jackets, Kareem's replica shoes, Superstar Classic, Muhammad Ali Boots, Adicolor shoes, bla bla bla but cannot afford cos too fucking expensive! Then got on the MRT to Jurong. Took us about 30 minutes to reach there (luckily I didn't have to pay a single cent for the MRT cos Sean's foster father gave me an Ezylink card that has more money than what I have in my wallet. haha. reached Jurong point but in the end Weng Leong's friend couldn't meet us but he bought a backpack there. Ate Mosburger which wasn't really nice (imho) and almost finish up all the SGDs my dad gave me.. freaking 25 bucks gone (RM50++) cos of taxi, breakfast and lunch only.. then about 5.30 we left to Harbour Front for dinner. Dinner was paid for so it was allllll good! Buffet dinner and unlimited orders! woo hoo! I ate like a king and a barbarian at the same time. We had the dinner in Dragon Gate restaurant so it was a good begining, belum start anything already live like king. haha.. but it was free so it was all good.. lemme recall what I ate that night

1. Chicken in rice paper
2. Shark's fin
3. roasted duck
4. Butter Prawns
5. Salad prawns
6. Some curry
7. Some fish
8. Kam Hiong Crabs
9. Some tofu dish
10. Some Calamari dish
11. Red Bean Soup
12. Bubur Chacha

there are more worth mentioning but I can't remember anymore haha.. we have repeat orders too.. hahaha

We got back to Clementi station and Sean's foster dad picked us up and sent us home to rest. Anyway I met Tu Son that day and turns out he also like body arts so we keng kai and walk around the area. Then lepak at McD and saw some people study there I damn tak suka wei.. I dunno why but I just bitter... then chat till almost 2 then balik and tidor!
Next day we woke around 9 and took our breakfast before we leave to the airport.

The Departed

Singapore's new budget terminal

And so we boarded the plane about an hour later..
And reached Bangkok after that..


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