Sunday, October 15, 2006

Explorace: MMU

Finally, the exams are over and the holidays have started. My holiday's kinda hectic cos I'll be backpacking, so I came back to Melaka on Friday. Friday night was kinda boring, I had nothing to do that night, lol. Bukit Beruang's quiet again cos everyone's back in their hometown and only the old folks are left in that place. Anyway, how beautiful your life is, has a direct relationship with how you perceive your life. To me, life is beautiful when u spend it with your friends and family.

Saturday was really eventful. Especially at night. I didn't know what happen but Ah Liang ( was really drunk until he can't stand at all. Sorry to say this out la liang, haha, anyway he was drunk so badly that he couldn't stop spitting around in his car and himself. Enough of that, the highlight of the night (at least to me) was when Styne, Tim, Me, and Nic played passing around the ball (I've got no other better name for it) in a basketball court in the neighbourhood at 3 am. Haha kinda mad to go for sports at this kinda time. But these are the moments I really cherish cos I spent great time catching up and buat lawak bodo with my buddies that I known for a long time. Its not always that we have chances to buat lawak bodo anymore, but yesterday was fun and lawak. haha.

I'll be leaving to Singapore this Monday 16 Oct, around 10pm by train, from KL Central and will be sleeping in train and wake up in Singapore. We'll be spending a day over there and will be flying to Bangkok via Tiger Airways on 18 Oct but I'm not sure what time. Beyond that, I really am not sure what are the itirineries anymore cos we have yet to discuss about it with our group leader, Sean. But roughly, its gonna be an incomplete Transasia trip, from Singapore, to Thailand (only the northern part), Laos, and lastly Vietnam where we'll be flying back to Malaysia from Hanoi via Air Asia.

And this is the first time in my life to have ever seen so much money in my hands, so many 1, 20, 50 and 100USD notes, and the first time to see the Thai Baht. Haha, seriously I'm kinda like living in a gutter cos I have never been to anywhere outside of Malaysia, eversince I was hmm like 3? haha.. Thats the last time I was in Singapore, and the first. I can still clearly recall Sentosa Island and Haw Par Villa, where I spent most of my time there. I guess thats all I can recall, hitherto.

I guess this will really be the last post before I leave to Singapore tomorrow night. Oh.. this trip will definitely be like The Backpackers now showing in [V] haha.. we'll be so lost, we'll fall in love, meet people, get ourselves into trouble, do some really meaningful things, and most of all, we'll enjoy ourselfves (we aren't sure if we'll run out of budget). We'll be so lost when we step foot in Laos cos none of us knows any shit about Laos.. so it will be impromptu haha risky but fun.

Carpe Diem
"It's gonna be a beautiful day, so forget about tomorrow's test"


Blogger CharSiu said...

dang, i'm late! hope you see this if you get online.

have a safe journey aights? take care and have fun! =D

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Bon voyage jules!

12:14 AM  

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