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What goes around does come around,.. eh? I've been through it all, but I've always go unnoticed about it.. until today. What we do to people, would somehow come back at us. Not that if you rob from people that you will get the same punishment at the end of the day but more about what you will allow or not allow that thing to happen to you. Well at least its true for me..

I can always remember, not only me alone, but my friends (names will not be revealed) whom I've attended tuition with when I was 17, there was a guy who always participate in class, he'll get all the chances he has to answer to the teacher, but everytime he answered, they were always wrong. So, through out the class we have always laughed at him. When I looked back I realize how dumb and foolish I was. (Not that I'm being super emo or something when I say things like this) My advice is, everytime when someone stands up and gives a suggestion that seems absurd or rather, doesn't make sense to you, think twice before you say its a 'stupid idea'.

For me, it holds true how it affects me by the way that it shaped my personality. I've said 'stupid idea' numerous times, but I, at that time didn't realize how much guts and will a person has to have to stand up and speak up. So, now I'll be brave enough to admit how scared and nervous when I have the chance to speak up but I don't because of the fear of my ideas being considered stupid or foolish. I sometimes, don't dare to use new words or do something because I fear I may be laughed or not be accepted by the people around me. I guess that's how my own actions has turned around back at me. I've said 'stupid idea' to another person and I guess I'm so stucked up with the thought that people will do the same thing to you, so "I better sit back and not shout out my idea". I said bad things to people now I'm the one losing out so it's really ok if you can't do something well or so but you try your best to do it and prove that you can do it. If you can't its much better if you could correct your mistake while you are still in college or school rather than making a fool of yourself when you are going out to work later on.

It isn't easy to build your own confidence and its not easy to muster every bit of guts you can find to do something like speaking to the public (including using new words that you are not familiar with heheh). So bravo to all those who are daring enough to do so, everyone including me in Critical Thinking class. I'm fortunate that I have taken this subject and I've learned something more about myself that I think I should change.

My personality before a few semester ago was, its ok if I just maintain my CGPA to second upper and its ok and I don't have to care about other things and everything will be alright. Looking back, I realised how my laziness and ignorance have caused me to lose many opportunities to shape my leadership quality and my social abilities. I at that time didn't see all these qualities as important but rather 'a waste of time' and 'I'm not earning money so why should I try so hard?' At that time all I was thinking were study to get good results not study to learn something new and the other thing that was on my mind was to do everything that is fun and at that time I was really a hedonistic person.

Critical Thinking has made me realize that my way of thinking is really irrational, that I have always fill my mind up with obligations that are unnecassary and worrying about things that would affect my drive to success. Perhaps I realize it now because, I'm starting to believe that learning is a life long process and that learning is much more important than scoring a good grade (I'm not saying its not important to get good grades haha). Throughout these years I have been taught that learning is an important part of life but its not until now that I realize that it really is (that's what happens when you take things for granted). I've regretted my actions last time but I'm glad in a way that I've done what I've done last time because if it is not for what I've done, I would not have been what I am today. You may think that I should regret because I should have realized many things long ago but it has happened and I accept it for what it is so I consider that I've a whole new set of goals that I'm gonna achieve and I will work my best to achieve it starting the end of this post!

Here's a Toast to myself!

* * *

Hmm... Last night was the first jamming session for FMC since about I guess 2 months ago or more? haha.. We've been idle for quite some time and we got back together last night and sounded great. I've two new materials but we can quite figure out nice tunes for the songs I guess we'll work it out again. I really put my heart in writing them but I just can't think of a good tune for it.. Its always so stressful that way when everyone's playing and figuring out a tune and nothing comes up! Damn! Its really stressful! I really hope with mine and victor's composition, we will be able to record 5 tracks for our demo cd.. My wish right now is that we can actually record our songs out.. at least I know I've achieved something that I'm proud of and I'm passionate about.

Last night we didn't jammed at our regular studio opposite Asia Cafe, Rythmics because Lenard found a better studio opposite Taylor's college which is also near Asia Cafe haha. Anyway, the studio was superb and it has one of the best equipments, studio designs, and decorations. The acoustic was superb and It has an Ibanez Stack amp, and Marshall Stack amp. Guitars are not so good but the Fender Strat I was using was not bad at all! Yesterdays session was really cool and I was satisfied with the songs despite the fact that yesterday was the first time we tried those songs.

Here's some pictures of us and the jamming studio:

Lenard playing the Incubus bassline

Wei Ming warming up on drums

Me camwhoring with their guitar, I didn't know Danelectro has a guitar line

The Studio

Victor and Lenard. Can you see the Stack Amp?

The other view

After jamming we headed to Asia Cafe to yam cha.. I had Rojak buah and Victor and Weiming as usual pack up on fats only la, which in the end I also curi and bantai haha. Anyway, later on while we were bantering about nonsence, suddenly the guy next to our table, which Victor earlier claimed to be drunk but Lenard didn't think so, suddenly collapse and fell down from his chair and just lied down on the floor for about 4 and a half minutes before Asia Cafe waiters started to carry him up haha... Eh brother, wanna get drunk go home or something la, don't embarass yourself in front of everybody la...

Pics of him.. and us.. again haha..

Weiming act cool


Lenard: Vietnamese food sucks!

The drunkard

Laughing after singing the jazz version of Master of Puppets

Those kind Asia Cafe workers..

* * *

I love Malaysia


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