Sunday, November 12, 2006

Styne's 21st Bday Party

Styne's 21st birthday pics
(The cake cutting pics in Styne's camera haha)

Oh I should have taken more photos of Styne's friends and with Michelle or Leng Ching cos I won't be seeing them often anymore ever since Easter. Anyway Styne's party was owning! Styne your party always owning and your party is the only event that all of us gather and eat and buat lawak. haha.. looking forward for next year's christmas makan haha. And Jon's CNY makan. Haha Yau Kui sial..

Only me, Tim and Aya smiled for the camera but too bad Aya's face kena block by the string haha.

Ken and Aya

Ken and Aaron

Tim and I act cool haha

Tim and Aaron's gay debut

RHC (l-r) Styne, me, Ken and Nic
(Nobody knows where Matthew has gone to.)
Matt you will always be RHC's drummer.


I smiled when Styne hugged me and Vijay saw the opportunity and did not hesitate to hump/bang styne from the back.

My favourite Nigga

Me Camwhoring

Ken with his QQ pose

Styne: he was saying something but I couldn't tell

Styne again haha

Jon yang selamba

Vijay's bum

RHC (l-r) Ken, me, Nic and Styne

My friends (l-r) Vijay, Birthday Dude Styne, me, Jon, Ken, Aaron, Nic, Gary(Duno y he smiled so wide), and Nigel.

Styne and Vijay

Jon, Nig, Nic, and the laughing Gary

* * *


The most destructive habit
~ Feeling like I've not achieved my goals everytime I look at it again.
The greatest Joy
~ Having friends and family you know you can always count on.
The greatest loss
~ Time..

The most satisfying work

~ Making my parents proud
The ugliest personality trait
~ Two-faced, backstabbing
The most endangered species
~ dugong

Our greatest natural resource
~ knowledge
The greatest "shot in the arm"
~ What is that?
The greatest problem to overcome

~ Sexism and Stereotypes. Racism isn't an issue to me.. right Vijay? haha

The most effective sleeping pill
~ Saturday nights alone with sad songs
The most crippling failure disease
~ laziness
The most powerful force in life
~ Determination. Taking every step up the stairs although you know you can take the lift

The most dangerous pariah

~ Nosy and bossy people
The world's most incredible computer

~ Pentium 4? haha
The worst thing to be without
~ Mom's unconditional love.

The deadliest weapon
~ My little brother
The two most power-filled words
~ "I can" (I agree)

The greatest asset
~ Friends and family and a place I call home

The most worthless emotion
~ Hate and Jealousy
The most beautiful attire
~ SMILE! A genuine smile =)

The most prized possession
~ My smelly pillow.

The most powerful channel of communication
~ Handphone la.. haha

The most contagious spirit
~ Enthusiasm
The people I want to tag

~ Victor, Lenard, Su Yen


Another tag from Rabbit (saja wanna do heh):

10 Firsts--
First Best Friend - Tee Chin Long
First Screen name - heavy vegetable
First Pet Name - Juju
First Piercing - earlobes at 16
First Crush - LBT haha
First Casette - New Kids On The Block
First School - SK Bukit Beruang
First Cries - When I got smacked by the doctor after delivery
First Kiss - at 17
First Car - never owned a car

9 Lasts--
Last Time You Smoked - when I was 19 or 20 I guess. That'll be the very last.
Last Food You Ate - Vegetarian
Last Car Ride - Ah Yang's car
Last Movie You Watched - Death Note. Super nice
Last Phone Call - Mommy
Last CD You Listened To - The Carpenters 1978-1982
Last Bubble Bath You Took - In Bangkok!
Last Song You Listened To - Jay Chou - Retreat
Last Words You Said - "Yoh.. her b**bs damn big sial" haha

8 Have You Ever--
Dated A Best Friend - no
Been Arrested - no
Been On TV - no
Eaten Sushi - in Chiang Mai haha
Cheated On Your B/F or G/F - yea once
Been On A Blind Date - no
Been Out Of The Country: - yes
Been In Love - yeap and bored of it

7 Things You Are Wearing--
1 - vr old quiksilver t-shirt
2 - fake Alien Workshop pants
3 - earrings
4 - underwear

6 Things You've Done Today--
1 - 4 hours journey back to cyberjaya
2 - cleaned the whole house.. again
3 - took out the trash
4 - chat online
5 - catch up on blog reading
6 - checked my e-mails

5 Favorite Things (not in any order)--
1 - smelly pillow
2 - my guess watch
3 - my jeans
4 - my belt (thanks to yy,wl,jy)
5 - dumbells hahaha

4 People You Most Trust--
1 - Dad
2 - Sis
3 - Mom
4 - Nic, Styne, Ken
5 - YY, WL, JY, Sean

3 Things You Want To Do Before You Die--
1 - Bungee Jump
2 - start a business
3 - have excess cash, enough education and enough experience

2 Choices--
Vanilla or Chocolate - neither
Hugs or Kisses - both

1 Person You Want To See Right Now--
1 - Mom n Dad


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